Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Things They Say

Ziva is talking up a storm. My kid Where did she get that?

First, let me say that I am dealing with some parental guilt. I feel that I may have delayed my child's mental growth during the 9-11 months of her life. She had started saying a couple of words or what sounded like words. I thought is was a coincident. That they just sound like words. My mom said Ziva was saying real words but I though she, my mom, was...well...being a grandmother and over exaggerating things.

It wasn't until close to Christmas when Ziva continued to use these "words" but then added more words (with or without our encouragement). Now it seems that she says a ton of words. She has added and made up more signs and her comprehension skills are amazing. Which means she is getting in more trouble because we now know she understands what we are saying a lot of the time.

It has a been a lot of fun working with her in this area. We aren't pushing her at all. She is just a little sponge and loves to learn. Below are her "words" and the time she started.

9-11 months (a little iffy on this since I wasn't paying attention)
Yeah/yes – “yeh” (now in March she actually answers questions/requests with yes)
Hey – “hey”
Bye bye – “byby”

Between 11-13 months
Hi – “hi”
Dog – “da”
Cat – “ka”
Sera – “ssser” (she now says Sera Bear - "ssserabea" which is what we also call the dog)
Ball – “ba”
Balloon – “bao”
See it – “sssit”
Duck – “du”
Dad – “da da”
Mom – “mamamama”
Love You – “louoo”
Outside – “sssid”
Whats that – “waasstha”

She has added these since around the first of the March:
Shoe – “sho”
Sock – “soc”
Daddy – “dady”
Nanny – “nany”
Poppy – “pa pa”
Go Bye Bye – “go by by”
Outside – “ousssid”

Signs she has added since Christmas time:
Thank you
Me/Pick me up (She made this one up. I pat my lap when I am asking her if she wants up. So now she pats herself on the belly if she wants up or in my lap. It is so sweet.)
Brush teeth

She likes to:
Throw things away even if they are not trash
Empty containers
Turn off lights with help
Brush her teeth
Kisses and hugs
Eskimo kisses

Below is a clip from February. If you listen closely you can hear her say duck..."da".

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