Saturday, December 20, 2008


Here's more video of us asking Ziva where something is. At this time we think the game is fun as does she. When it becomes more of game involving where's the: car keys, my wallet, the hair brush, the dog...then there may be issues. Until we will keep having fun and taping it for your viewing enjoyment.

Mommy's Lil' Piggy

Ziva has been eating all real food for a couple of weeks now. It was mostly her decision. She started fighting me when I fed her level three (the mushy stuff with chunks). I could tell she wanted to be in control and wanted only big people food so I thought why not. Below is an average meal for the lil' piggy. She ends up wearing some of it but she still eats a lot. And this is after an 8oz bottle. She eats it all up.

Carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes and chicken.


Ziva's First...

Oreo Cookie! While baking for Christmas I pulverized some oreos. I then got the idea that Ziva had never had one. So I gave her a little piece. She loved it. If you look just right of her mouth you can see the evidence of eating a oreo cookie.

Winter Days

Winter here in the South isn't what it is back in AR or other parts of the US. While most of you were freezing, we were enjoying weather in the upper 70s. It was almost too hot. Ziva and I made the most of it by taking walks, swinging...all the good stuff. Wish you all could have been here to warm up a bit and have fun with us.

Z always makes this face when she is teething. It is so weird.
Look how blue the sky is!
Different textures are fun.

I guess I needed a pine needle because she kept giving them to me.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

What Happens When a 11 Month Old Finds a Tissue

It was a clean one. Thank the Lord!

Bellies and Bibs

Finally got a "where's your belly?" video. It's not as good as we wanted but it sort of shows you what she does. The second one is a demonstration of how she takes off her bib. I have been wondering this for a while and now I know. I can't believe she has almost been ripping her head off in order to get her bibs off. I have told her if she would only stop drooling like a mad man she wouldn't have to wear them.

Play Videos

Ziva knows where her belly is now. It's really cute to see her point at it when you ask. Then we cheer and she cheers and smiles. It is darling. However capturing it on film is hard. She's really only playing in these clips though I set out to get her to "show me her belly." It may be boring for some of you but I know the grandparents will enjoy.

Thowing the Ball

"Talking" and Playing

The Hawk

So here's a pic of the hawk that was hanging out in our neighborhood last Saturday. I thought it was odd behavior for a hawk when it allowed me to get with in 5 feet of it to take this pic. After calling the Birds of Prey of South Carolina really...I found out that this behavior is typical when they migrate. Anyways, I have always admired hawks. Can't tell you why. Just do.

The Christmas Cards I Didn't Make

For Halloween I did this homemade card test run. I made cards using Ziva's upside down foot print as a ghost. They turned out cute even if most of the foot prints were smugged into some unrecognizable shape.

If you did not get one I am sorry. Like I said it was a test run. There was suppose to be a test run making hand print turkey cards for Thanksgiving. After careful thought in regards to how the 10 month old would deal with all that paint on her hand, I nixed the project.

But I was all ready for these Christmas cards. I had all my supplies. I had scheduled my time wisely. I even had my helper elf...Jason. So last Saturday, sniffles and all, we started on the foot prints. After 5 I knew the project had to be abandoned. It wasn't going to work. First off, Ziva laughed and wiggled every time I painted her foot. Then she would fight me when I made the print. Therefor leaving me with a blob to work with. Secondly, once my helper elf learned we were making 100 he announced that I was crazy for thinking he was going to walk back and forth that many times to prop up the newly painted cards.

You see the make of a good artist is not always that they make wonderful art but when they can realize that a project is not going to pan out in any way, shape or form. In addition they have to be able to realize when the end does not justify the means. So...

I abandoned the project and bought pre-made cards the next day. I did take the picture below to remind myself how silly my plans can be. I hope you all enjoy your store bought cards.

Ziva's Painted Feet

Ahhh Chooo! Bless You.

We made it over the crud that Ziva and I seem to get at the same time. Well, we've only been sick together one other time. Still it seems much worse when you are in it. It is hard to be a mommy and be sick at the same time, but I made it. Now it's time to pick up where I left off, hit the ground running, burn the late night oil, basically run around like a chicken with it's head cut off. It's Christmas time and I'm already behind on my "to do" list.

Actually, since we didn't decorate this year (sniff) I have less to do than some people. Still I have hundreds of cookies to bake and package. Gifts to wrap, but I'm done shopping. Cleaning to do. And there's packing for that 10 day trip...ahhhhhh.

I have finished my cards and mailed them. I do still have Ziva's Bday invites to get together and mail out. You are all invited. If you want to show up in OKC Jan.3 from 12-2. Of course all the other prep for that.

So that is it with us. Gotta get to that list. Hope you are all well and ready for this season.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

11 Months - Dec. 3, 2008

Ziva turned 11 months yesterday. I can hardly believe it. Of course so much has been happening so fast, I wouldn't be surprised if she was 5 years old. It really does fly by. Saying that I think I will get off the computer and love my baby while she's still...a baby...sort of. I'll leave you with this. She is still so sweet and lovable. I wish you could have spent as much time as I have with her. She is such a blessing and gift from the Lord.

Sliding out of the Chair. of her favorite things. She will now go get a book and bring it to me to read to her. It is such a special time.

Much to be Thankful For!

Like most of you, we traveled to see friends and family this past week to celebrate Thanksgiving. After 16 hours driving halfway across country we arrived in Jefferson TX where we were hosted by Valerie (Marty's sister/Jason's Aunt) and Sam Ayer, inn keepers at The Azalea Inn. ( It was so beautiful and so comfortable. We had such a great time. We also got to see loads of family. Actually, it was the first time I got to meet some of Jason's family, after 7 years. There were kids everywhere. Crazy thing was they were our kids not us. That was really surreal for me. It was all an awesome experience. Valerie and Sam were wonderful hosts to open their home and business to us. All the food was yummy. Everyone was so fun to hang out with. Ziva even had a good time...when she wasn't napping.

A bite of Thanksgiving Dinner with Nanny

Jason and Julia

Jason and must be genetic.
Ziva and Pops
Ziva and her three second cousins, Keilin, Zayne and Kaden...
...and Ethan.

Rest Time

Jaxon and Ziva waking up Jason
Jaxon's impression of Ziva. She spent most of the trip with her finger in her mouth.

Eatin' cookies with Gran Jan

Playing guitar with Pops