Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Fall

I'm not about to discuss apologetics here. I could but I won't. This post in memory to Ziva's once scarless upper lip. Last Tuesday night (Jan and Marty's last night here) Z hurt herself. Jan and I had just purchased a toddler size wagon for Z to play with. Basically so she would stop demanding that the big one be inside so she can slam it into my furniture. Anyway, so we're home maybe 10 minutes and the wagon is out of it's packaging maybe 5 minutes. We are all in the front room then all turn to leave to other rooms except for Jan who sits down to talk on the phone. Then...



Ziva had emptied the wagon of it's contents, climbed in it and then fell out of it. Hitting her face on the underpart of the handle that was not molded or rounded. It was the part with all the hard edges.

Blood everywhere. Screaming. Quite a bit of snot. I took one look at it and said lets go. I know this is sad but I wanted the smallest scar possible. So we go to the ER. Two hours later we are home. ER Dr said that he believed it was most likey superficial. More of a gash than a cut. So no stitches. He then consulted with the Plastic Surgeon on call who said we could come in the next day. We did. The Plastic Surgeon concurred with the ER Dr but said we should come in three weeks to be sure.

So that's it in a nut shell. Buy Wagon. Kid falls out of Wagon. Take kid to ER. Take Evil Wagon back to Wal-Mart.

The real sad thing is if we had had a son and not a daughter I think I would have waited it out.

This was Tuesday night right after we got home from the ER.
It was her upper lip that we were most concerned with. The other marks and red places didn't start coming up later.



Gran Jan and Pops wanted to visit Down Town Savannah while they were here. I got to take them to my favorite shops (more for Jan) and favorite park (more for Ziva). We had a very nice time. We had an awesome lunch and even better fellowship.
This is how I would sum up Savannah.
Beautiful Foliage. Annoying Expenses.

We are beginning to think this will be her signature pose. She is still fussing with those teeth.

Grrrrrr! Z loved growling with the bear. She wouldn't actually make the sound but had the face down perfectly.

I love this picture. Yes there is drool rolling down her chin. I could photoshop it out but this is the true memory. I would like her to stop drooling some day or I am going to have to bedazzle a bib for her prom dress.

Z's first IPhone. Most likely her last. Of all the things to do in a park Z chooses to play with a phone.

See Ya.

Just me messing with my camera trying to capture something neat...

... and pretty.

***I know that I leave out a lot in regards to written details and photos. In regards to written, I'm a big "you had to be there" person and it takes me forever to tell a story. With the photos I try not to over load and I am not big on posting pictures of adults. They always fuss about how they look in the photos. So you get a lot of pictures of Ziva which really do you want to look at anything or anyone else.

Charleston - Part III

These last series of photos are really for me. It maybe that I have lived in a historic town for years now, that I'm an artist, or I could be really weird, but these places are my favorite type of places. I could care less about statues, large fountains or open markets. What gets me excited is peeking into all those "secret gardens." Not really secret but you know what I mean. I could and have spent hours just walking about the residential parts of historic towns just too look into back yards, side porches or windows. I've just tagged myself as a peeping tom, oops. If you were to ask me to give you my tour this is all we would look at. So be careful coming to town and asking me to take you to my favorite places. It may not be what you are expecting.

I just want to run down this path.

I think these three arches use to be carriage house stall doors. Is that how you say it? Look at the different bricks filling in the arches. Hmmm.

View #1

A roll of the focus and View #2

Just a handful of images of the nooks and crannies of Charleston.

Charleston - Part II, The Fountain

While in Charleston we visited the Fountain at Waterfront Park. Though I had fun taking photos of the fountain, as an adult it was a little too much for me. It was one of those that people can run and play in. It was full of children. Goodness those brave parents! We didn't want Ziva to get soaked but we did want her to enjoy the fountain and the water. She didn't. Well, she looked and wanted to be close but then wanted nothing to do with the actual water or fountain. So for your enjoyment (or not) I have pictures of the fountain so I could play with my camera and a couple of others...see photo notes.

Fountain at Waterfront Park

As close as she would get.
The dance between walking up to the fountain and running back.

Heading back with Pops. Why the big smile Marty?

Oh, cause you let Z fall into a huge puddle. Good thing we had a change of clothes.

Charleston - Part I

We all piled in the car and drove to Charleston for Memorial Day. It is only an hour and a half away so it makes for a good day trip. We did all the usually stuff...the market, down town, ate lots of southern food, sweated (is that a word) in the southern sun and lots of other fun stuff.

Let's Get This Party Started

When not in her stroller Ziva would wonder around. When not in her stroller we spent most of our time chasing Ziva down. Here is the view we mostly saw of her.

Z and the Daddy in a tree...sort of.

Ordering at Blossoms. Doesn't she look all nice and ladylike...please Lord let it stay this way.

Gran Jan and Pops

The end of May was marked with a special occasion. Gran Jan and Pops came down for an entire week to visit. It was an awesome and wonderful time. We visited a lot of places. We ate a lot of yummy food. Most importantly, I changed fewer diapers!!! Ziva loved having her Gran Jan and Pops to hold and hug. She was spoiled all day, every day. The only sad part was when we had to tell them good bye.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Curly Z

I love Ziva's hair. I don't remember thinking about the chance of our baby having curly hair when I was pregnant. I know I wouldn't have cared either way. It is just fun. Her hair is so crazy and curly and oh so fun. I wanted to post these as a tribute to her curls. Who would think that her hair goes halfway down her back when it is wet.

Her eyes too are different. They chance color everyday. Even several times a day. I always thought they would be brown or blue. Not green, brown and grey all at once.

Happy Birthday Jason!

Pardon me for being a little late with this, but I wanted to Wish my husband a Happy 32st Birthday! We did go out and celebrate. I've just been behind on my posts. Sorry honey. So here it goes.

You are a wonderful husband and daddy. We love you! You do so much for us. Thank you!

Birthday Boy and his Sushi boat.

Trying out chopsticks.

Look Mommy!

New Shoes!! Besides wearing her stacking rings as bracelets, Ziva also enjoys wearing them as shoes. The only issues that she had a hard time keeping them on. This would upset her and she would fuss at them. What a silly girl.

What a Big Girl You Are

So let's talk about Ziva and how insistent she is on being a big girl. Side note: I prayed for an independent child. Have we talked about this? I may not be ready for the fact that I got one. Anyway, Z will go with the flow till one day she decides that she is too big for "baby" stuff. She did this with her food, baby fork, etc. The other day she walked up to the table, pulled the chair out and patted it. She wanted to sit at the table on a regular chair. That day I let her eat like a big girl. I guess it's time to get her a booster seat and put up the high chair. But the high chair is so easy!!!

The 80's Called

Ziva loves bracelets. I didn't mean to get her addicted. I offered her some of my old ones when she kept wearing her stacking rings on her arm. She took to them at once. Then my mom and my friend Ashley added to her collection. She loves to wear them all. She takes them off, scatters them, collects them and then wears them again. It consumes her. I giggled when I saw her dressed up like this. She looks like a throwback from the 80's. I know I had an outfit similar to the one she's wearing and then those hot pink plastic bracelets and pink bow. Debbie Gibson watch out!

The Vanity

I have several pieces of my maternal grandmother's furniture. I would have her entire bedroom suite but my mother sold the comment. One of the pieces that is different but very fun is my grandmother's Vanity. Now she never used it to put on make up, not that I remember. When I was a child she kept sewing material in a box in the middle. I would dig through it for scraps for the Barbie clothing I would make. My mother remembers sitting in the space while my grandma got ready. No matter what the memory is, I love that Ziva gets to play on it. The furniture needs work and one day I would love to have the bed remade to match. It is neat for me to have it in my "collection." It is a different color wood than I would buy myself, but it means so much. My grandparents went through so much, lost everything during the depression and worked hard for all that they owned. So I know these pieces were earned and cherished. I am thankful I get to own them. On top of that Ziva loves it so much. She could spend all day hanging out on it. So here are a couple of pictures of Z playing on the vanity.

Z loves brushing her hair.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If At First...

You don't succeed...



Then fold clothes.

Summer Time

Means Beach Time
Well, Let's go!

How many calories is in this drink?!?

Which weighs more? The sand in my right hand or the sand in my left hand. Wait a minute. Which hand is the left?

Look! A Bird!

Look at Ziva go after the bird.

Look at Ashley pick Z up after she is knocked down by a wave when the bird flew away.