Saturday, July 25, 2009

How to Eat Spaghetti by Ziva Grace Brown

"Welcome to my Step-by-Step Instructional Series Volume One: Eating Spaghetti."

"First, pick up the fork."

"Second, put fork in bowl and stab food. Then lift out of bowl and bring fork to face."

"Open mouth wide to accommodate large glob of food heading toward your now open mouth."

"Mmmm. Here is the part where you chew the spaghetti. Mmmm."

"You may help it a little with your hand. Only a little though."

"On second thought it is much easier if you use your hand to shovel in the pasta."

"Now is the time I kick back and enjoy the meal that I have had."

"I am done with my instructing. You may go."

"You really must leave at once. I need my privacy! Seriously leave and someone get me down from here!"

Friday, July 24, 2009

Girls Day Out

We had a "Girls Day Out" the other day. It was awesome and lots of fun. Ziva got to hang out with one of her favorites, Ashley. They have so much fun together and Ashley is so good with Z. While we were out we stopped by this water garden area that is in front of one of the shopping centers. Very out of place if you ask me but still very lovely. We had lots of fun as we looked and played with the water and flowers.

Round and Round We Go

Why won't you look at the camera and smile!?!


All Tuckered Out

Dee Plane! Dee Plane!

Ziva loves airplanes. I don't know if she knows what they are exactly. If they are different than birds, though she doesn't get them mixed up with birds. What their purpose is. She just loves them! She points, laughs and runs after them...or at least in the direction they seem to be going. She has started waving and saying bye bye when she sees them. I have no clue where she got that from.

There it is!

Stop! Wait for Me!

If At First You Don't Succeed





Then give up and do something else.
She never did make it to the top and she won't even hear of going up the other way. Which happens to be the correct way.

Wagon Time

Here are more pictures of Ziva in her wagon. I want a good one of her smiling but she only smiles in the wagon when she's moving. Once I stop to take the picture she starts whining which is not cute!

Head to Head

Over there. Look.

There's a Smile

There's Another One

Z's turn to pull.

Just a Readin'

The other day I was busy on the computer and I turned around and found my daughter kicked back reading to herself. She was too cute I had to interrupt her and tell her how much I love her. I really shouldn't complain. I mean I have a kid that can entertain herself by "reading."

Fluffy Butt

I just love these shorts! I think they are a hoot. And I just know that when Ziva is older and looks back at this pictures she'll agree. They are just too cute and too ruffly for words. Also, they were inexpensive because I got them from a consignment store, with the orginal store tags on! Fluffy, fun and frugal. What more could you ask for?

Munchies and Crunchies

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Loves

I love these two and how much they love each other!!

This look she is giving him is hilarious!

So Sweet!

So Silly!

Like a Weed!

Look at my baby! No wait! Look at my toddler!

Z is actually that tall compared to the table. She is not in front of it so that she looks taller. She is actually inches taller than the table.

Helping Mommy

Ziva LOVES to help. She puts her laundry in her basket. She throws trash away. She dusts. She loves to help and I really (excitement) think she is going to be a "cleanie." Or a person who being organized and clean comes naturally. Of course now that I have said that it won't come true. Anyway, back to helping. Ziva loves to help so I let her help bring in a couple of bags from the store. Usually they make it to the door and then she abandons them so she can support herself as she climbs in the door. This time there was a slight accident. I would label all the pictures but I think you can figure it out for yourself. They are in order of how the events actually unfolded.

Look closely Chad. That's your birthday card blowing away. Sorry about the shoe prints.

This is tough work.

Making sure the cat doesn't get out.

A job well done deserves a reward.