Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Have No Words



A "big girl" ponytail! Jason has been complaining that Ziva is too old and her hair is too long for a popknot (front ponytail). He has been suggesting a back ponytail. Well, here it is. I can not believe that my fifteen month old's hair can go into a "big girl" ponytail.

A Hawk!

Yesterday we were playing outside and out of nowhere a Hawk swoops down very close to our back yard. It was like he was about to swoop down and get something but then changed his mind at the last minute (about 12 feet from the ground). Below is the scene he would have been viewing. We went inside after this happened! Z nor Fulton had any idea what had almost happened. Thank you Lord for keeping my baby and fat cat safe!


Fulton getting his deep muscle massage.

Was that a Hawk?!?


Here is another set of PJs Ashley and Jackie (Ash's roommate) bought Ziva. We love them! My favorite part is Z accessorising the PJs with her ducky slippers.

Check Out that Bedhead!!!

Z's New Red Wagon

Ziva got a red wagon from her Nanny and Poppy. We just got it put together. She loves it! She loves going in circles and circles and circles in the back yard. I requested the one with the more heavier duty wheels for when we are at the beach. I can already tell it's going to work out great over the sand. Of course Z is going to ride in it more than just at the beach. Thank you Nanny and Poppy!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This picture should explain what we were up to last week. On Wednesday we were scheduled for a 15 month wellness visit for Ziva. We had a play date before had. It was all planned out and very exciting. Well, after throwing up on my good friend's, Donna, carpet...twice...we headed in a bit earlier than expected. Poor Z threw up the entire way. There was nothing I could do about it but try to console her from the front seat. Jason had already planned on meeting us there. He loves being there for wellness visits. He gets into all that percentage stuff. Then saves the baby from the bad mommy who gives her shots. This time he was there to help hold and comfort. Also, here's a shout out to Ashley who, by the grace of God, just happened to buy Ziva PJs the night before. She ran them to us since Z had gone through all her extras. Thanks Ashley! To sum it up. Z had her second stomach virus in three months. YUCKY!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's the difference between a tornado warning and tornado watch?

I do not remember a single tornado watch or warning the last time we lived in this area. That's almost 6 years of tornado free life. I definitely know I did not hear a single tornado siren when we lived here last. A week ago today they tested the tornado/weather warning sirens. Monday they went off for real. Now I am no stranger to tornadoes. It is just when you don't expect them, your heart really gets going. Jason was driving home in the stuff and I was at home with Ziva and my friend Ashley who was just walking out the door. I told Ashley to get back inside, get Z out of bed and go get in the tub as I gathered our purses and pillows. I got the pets set with the "kids" and when outside to wait (stupid behavior so says my mom). All was okay in the end. Just something I wasn't planning on dealing with that day.

The girls safe and secure.

Sushi Baby

This time is a struggle (over exaggeration) for Ziva and her eating habits (can it be called a habit if there is no constancy). Until a couple of months ago, she had been eating like a horse and was not picky at all. I felt blessed. Now there is no rhyme or reason to what Z eats or when. She hates it all. She loves it all. My mother suggested that I should feed her what I am eating. This doesn't work. She thinks she wants my food until she tries it...until she discovered sushi rice. She loves sushi rice. This day she insisted on the whole roll. I removed the stuff she couldn't have and gave it to her. I just knew she wouldn't like it. Three rolls later I was looking for something else to eat since Z was obviously going to eat all my sushi.
Don't worry. There is no raw fish in this sushi roll.

Happy Easter

We hope you all have a wonderful Easter. We hope you understand fully why we celebrate Easter. If you do not feel free to ask. We wish we were with you all to celebrate this wondrous occasion. XOXOXO to all of you.
Another Dead Leaf
Easter Kisses
"I love them!"

Where are the eggs?

I know that what I am about to admit to is horrible. Lord and Nanny please forgive me. Our "Easter Egg" hunt at our house was so tedious. I cheated by not dyeing real eggs. I bought the plastic ones instead. When gathering them Ziva had to stop, pick one up, try over and over again to open it, finally open it, examine it and then put it in the basket. She did this with every single plastic egg. It took forever. All I could think about was the nap I wanted to take so bad. I am awful.

An Owl of a Day

On Sunday our church was taking family pictures. One location for the pictures was under a huge live oak tree. This day in that very live oak tree there were two fluffy owls sleeping.

Look at the center of the picture

An Egg Hunt

Ziva got to go to her first egg hunt. It was a really good event. The church we are going to held the event. It was packed full of games, prizes, bounce-a-rounds and real bunnies. Z enjoyed the whole thing. She said "hi" to all who would listen. The only thing I can find to complain about is that those who organized the event did not take account that the youngest kids would need the biggest area (in contrast to the tiny area they marked out) because of the entourage of parents, cameramen and grandparents that would be following them. Chaos!

The Calm Before the Storm

0 to Chaos in 60 seconds.

The only two eggs Ziva got. Really the only two left. She spent quite a bit of time putting them in the basket, taking them out of the basket, putting them back into the basket, etc, etc, etc.

"Whoa there chicken. Where are you going so fast?"

I love the look Z is giving the chicken. She was not so sure about them.

Ziva, a Plastic Easter Egg and Another Stick

This picture isn't all that exciting. I post it because of the little girl in the front left hand corner of the picture. The one in the blue and red dress. Well, she is only 12 months old and was climbing all over the jungle gym by herself. Her mother attributed it to her older brother. What ever. This lil' girl was impressive and fearless. Good luck to her mom!

Reason # 278 that I need anxiety meds.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our New Sunglasses


Playtime at the Mall

Ziva got to experience the play area at the mall for the first time the other day. She did enjoy it though she didn't do a lot of "playing." Our play area is beach themed. Z spent a lot of time walking around petting the marine animals and watching the kids. There was one incident when she was in the boat you see her standing in below in the picture. This "older" boy wouldn't let her out. He was blocking the entrance on purpose. Z wanted to go in and out and he didn't want her to. Anyway she was "trapped" inside and it made her so mad. She started screaming at the top of her lungs. I actually had my hands full with a friends baby (we ran into them there) so I couldn't' go and kick...I mean ask the kid to move. All the while Donna Reed was too busy with my baby bunting. No really this kid's mom was dressed like Donna Reed. And she had three kids all together. Wow. I'm lucky to shower every 2 to 3 days...just kiddin'...sort of. So Z had major issues with this kid till he left. Other than that incident it was a good time.

The boat Z had fun going in and out of. Where it all went down.
Later in the day we passed by a 4H booth where they had baby chicks hatching. They were allowing kids to hold the chicks. This, I thought, was a bit much for Z. She did love getting close to the chick and getting to pet it "gently." Still working on that "gentle" part.

Snacky Smiles from the Back Seat

Big Shoes to Fill

Actually, those are my shoes and it won't be long till Ziva out grows them. I wear a size 5 shoe. After this one occasion of wearing my shoes Z takes any chance she can get to walk around in my shoes.

CD Fun

We don't have cable here in the Brown house any more so we have to find new and exciting ways to entertain ourselves.

Easter Bunny

First off, I want to know where the whole Easter Bunny came from. I haven't researched, which is a new thing for me. I guess I really don't care. It is just when I see a adult human size rabbit walking around in pastel colors I can't help but wonder WHO IN THE WORLD THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA. Hey, we still can't help but buy into it. This picture pretty much sums up this years experience with the Easter Demon...I mean Easter Bunny. From afar Z would smile at him but once in his lap all she wanted to do was escape. We did get one picture where it looks like she is sitting there just to please us. We couldn't get her to smile at all. But could you if you were that close to a ginormous rodent?

Brain Freeze

This is Ziva's second attempt at a Popsicle. The first time was a disaster complete with crying and mass hysteria. I felt with how hot it gets here in the summer it would be perfect to help cool down. I was afraid after the first time that Ziva was never going to eat them. This time went a little better. Which makes me happy because I have a Sam's size box of Popsicles in my freezer that Jason and I are not going to eat.

Any Ole Day

You can find Ziva playing in her room. She has learned to climb on and off of stuff so it has opened up endless possibilities for exploring. As well as endless possibilities for mommy to have a heart attack while Z walks off the edge of stuff.

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth...oh I already have my front teeth.

"I won't stand up. I promise."

Young lady sit down!

Z likes to point out all the dogs in her books.


Is one of the top ten words in Ziva's vocabulary. It is also something she loves to play with. This video is rather long, sorry. Before I started filming, she was throwing the ball across the room (baby style not baseball style) and I wanted to get it on video. Of course as soon as I turned the camera on she took her own sweet time to throw it.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Cute Dress and a Dead Stick

I had to post this picture because 1) I love this dress and I think it is too cute. 2) Just one more picture showing how our daughter likes dead things from trees.

"Look Mom. A stick."

Oranges Taste Good

I now remove the rind (isn't that what it is called) after she tried to eat it.