Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Recycling is Good for the Planet

And it gives baby a new thing to get into.

Note: Z's hair is so crazy right now. Once again I was proud and the Lord, in all His wisdom, had to fix that. I just knew that if I started early that I would get Ziva to allow all hair accessories to stay in her hair. I actually can hear the echos of myself telling this theory to other mothers. Alas, I was very wrong. I can't keep anything in Ziva's hair. She continuously takes them out. Many may ask, why I insist on putting stuff in hair and I answer...Have you seen her hair?!? It has nothing to do with vanity and everything to do with her being able to see. She runs around looking all crazy, pulling out the barrette and then "putting" it back by placing it on top of her hair, then it falls out and she fusses with her hair till it sticks out everywhere. Oh well, hopefully she'll grow out of this soon.

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