Sunday, October 25, 2009

Arkansas Trip/Fall 2009 - Devil's Den Part V

My past post for Devil's Den is in honor of Ziva's first marshmallow. No, it's not "roasted." We just wanted her to try them out first.

So you want me to try this?

Okay, here I go.

Mmmm, I like it.

Ziva's reaction when asked to share. Her dad gets the same look when he is asked to share.

Arkansas Trip/Fall 2009 - Devil's Den Part IV

These next pictures are just pictures of the park. More for us to look at later and remember how much we miss places like this. Please don't judge my photography. I am not a nature photographer. Honey, the first picture is just for you!!

Arkansas Trip/Fall 2009 - Devil's Den Part III

I was given the task of getting good pictures of Ziva. That seems to be all her daddy is requesting. Well, that and get some pictures posted on the blog. I tried, but in my defense I have to say that Ziva is over smiling for the camera. It seemed the only times she would smile was when she was swinging or not looking at the camera. She has mastered making faces at the camera.

Swinging smile.

Not looking smile...sort of.

How's this for a smile mom?

Or how about this?

Hiding her smile. Where did she learn this!?!

Arkansas Trip/Fall 2009 - Devil's Den Part II

A few years ago the valley of Devil's Den flooded and the bridge and play area had to be replaced. This is the "newish" bridge. I am totally surprised that I got Ziva to get up on it let alone hang out on it. She enjoyed watching the water, but wouldn't let me go to far from her.

"Look Waaer!"


"Mor Waaer."

Arkansas Trip/Fall 2009 - Devil's Den State Park

Poppy and Nanny were so gracious to get a cabin for a couple of days at Devil's Den. It was so awesome and lots of fun. Thanks Y'all! Here are a couple of random pictures from this part of trip.

Where we stayed.

A big leaf...I'm easily amused.

Ziva "roughing" it.

Ziva in front of the falls...oh you can't see them...well take that up with her.

As close as she would get to the water falls. She did not like it and therefore kept trying to escape.

Raining Leaves

Arkansas Trip/Fall 2009 - Creekmore Park

Okay so first off this post is out of order. Not sure how this happened but it did. This obviously happened after we arrived in AR. Not that it really matters. It just drives me crazy when this happens and I'm too lazy to fix it.

I got to take Ziva to one of my favorite parks in Fort Smith AR. Jason and I lived with in walking distance from it when we lived in Fort Smith. I do miss it because it is a very nice park. I did enjoy getting to share it with Ziva. I think she enjoyed it too. Only thing missing was Daddy.

Let's go!




This place is fun...check out letters in background...not on purpose.

The wrong way to come down a slide.

That's better!

All Smiles

Up a Creek with out a Paddle


Come on. Let's go!

Arkansas Trip/Fall 2009 - The Car Ride

Ziva did well on the trip. About as well as a 21 month old can do two days in a car. It was interesting how she entertained herself some of the times.


We stopped in the Mississippi Delta area just down from Memphis over night. So nothing made more sense than chowing down on some fried catfish.

Taking a break to stretch our legs.

Arkanss Trip/Fall2009 - One Last Meeing

Ziva and I headed off to Arkansas with Nanny a week or so ago. We went to see family, friends and of course enjoy those beautiful fall colors that we can't get in Savannah. We had to leave Daddy behind to work which was sad. We did get to meet up with him on our way out of GA. He was on a trip for work so it was hugs and kisses at a Cracker Barrel.

Ziva loves to rock. She tries out almost all of the rockers out front of Cracker Barrel.
Rockin' with Daddy
One Last Hug

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch

Like all parents, I have dressed my child up, packed her in the car and driven around in search for the perfect pumpkin patch that will provide perfect pumpkins, perfect fun and most of all perfect pictures. I believe we have found the perfect pumpkin patch. It is Cahill's Market in Bluffton, SC. It is a cute barn that has been renovated into a restaurant and produce market. It is just too cute. There is one draw back. The weather. When we took this trip it was the first weekend of October and 95 degrees outside. This makes it just a bit difficult to walk around outside in "fall" clothing and take your time picking a pumpkin and taking pictures. We melted. We had wardrobe malfunctions. (Remind me to write Gap to discuss the neckline of a certain toddler tunic.) We had awesome food, as always. Most of all, despite all the issues, we had fun!

If you live any where near here, even a hour away, it is worth the trip!!

Picking a Pumpkin

This one's too big.
This one's too small.
This one's just right!

A girl's gotta rest after all that hard work.

Now we pick flowers.

You're right Nanny. It's a great least you look good in it.
This is for my husband. Here's a picture of me on the blog. Here is also the reason pictures of me usually don't make it. The good ones of me usually mean Z isn't lookin' so good. And vain as I am I'm going to go with the one I look ok in. Sorry Z.

We finally pick a pumpkin for Z. We get one she can pick up. We set her down to get a picture of her with it and she picks it us and throws it just as the camera clicks.

Let's Go