Friday, October 31, 2008

Because I Can

That's pretty much why I dress her this way. It is fun for me. I figure she's going to end up dressing odd, she is my kid, so I'll start it. That way it will be my idea from the start and maybe she'll avoid it later because of that. Probably not.

Todays Pictures Brought to You by the Letter "N"

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shalom Y'all!

Over the weekend we also partook in the Jewish Food Festival. It is Jason's favorite. That is probably why I have no actual pictures of the festival. I kept up with Ziva as Jason hopped from one food booth to another. I did get a Kosher hot dog. Yummy. Later that day we ended up at a friends house for a pumpkin carving party. All of those activites and the pictures look like just a plain day at the park. Oh well.

What a scary picture.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

This weekend was quite busy for us. One stop was the Pumpkin Patch. It is a beautiful place. All week I was giddy with excitement over how awesome this outing was going to be and how wonderful the pictures were going to be. It was an awesome outing and we did get some cute pictures. It's just that Ziva wasn't in a smiley mood so we didn't get a lot of "happy" pictures. She also decided that she was terrified of mums. So all the pictures I had planned for her in front of all that color didn't turn out. I do have a couple of her crying in front of the mums and trying to get away. She did take to the hay, of course, but she did not care about the pumpkins nor looking/smiling at us. She did enjoy us topping off this outing with fried chicken, butter beans, homemade mac-n-cheese and corn bread but more on that later.

Left alone in the pumpkin patch...playing with hay.


The only smile the whole day.
And her obsession with hay begins.
(Yes we stopped her from eating it.)
Hey there's hay here.
"Look Mom, down there is some hay."
Ziva is defiantly not comfortable about something in this picture.

Not so sure about the potato vines either.

The pumpkin patch is actually this farmers market/restaurant kind of place. It has been voted number one restaurant in this area. They serve fried chicken and the fixin's. It was awesome. Ziva even thought so. I know some of you are going to freak out. Ziva wanted to try the fried chicken and we let her. We were very careful. She loved it but wouldn't eat it the way we wanted her too. Still she managed to get enough to be happy. She also took to the butter beans and mac-n-cheese. But it was the corn bread that really suited her. She took one little bite then tried to shove the rest of it into her mouth (see picture below). Between eating hay, fried chicken and corn bread, we all got to stuff our tummies. It was a very nice afternoon.

Awww...she's sharing.


Ziva says southern food "rocks!"

Ziva loves animals! They make her so happy. I guess she did smile more than once.


That was Ziva's reply to broccoli. After the first bite (pictured below) I couldn't even get her to open her mouth. She may be tough to feed due to her independence but she eats everything. This is the first time she didn't try something a couple of times or warm up to it after a while. I guess broccoli isn't near as good as sweet potatoes (note the leftover sweet potatoes all over her bib).

Where's Ziva?

Just one more adventurous thing Ziva has gotten into. This is the bottom shelf of the shelves in her room. It was all fun and games till someone got stuck!

Kickin' Back

Ziva, like her father, takes any available moment to kick back and relax. I can understand why a grown man who works full time needs a break. It's Ziva needing a break that I can't figure out. I guess being this cute takes a lot of energy.

Here she is putting her feet up while in her activity center. She will stay like this forever.
This is Ziva's new thing. She keeps these ring things in her mouth nonstop. It's funny watching her hang out with that look on her face all day.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Trick - or - Peek

Here is a lil' peek at Ziva's Halloween costume. There is a treat for anyone who can guess what she will be.

A Party

So a Babies R Us was added to the Savannah Toys R Us. Of course we had to go check it out. What we didn't expect was the huge party they were throwing. It was cute to see all the children having fun. Ziva even enjoyed all those huge characters. Jason enjoyed getting out of there as quick as possible. What a good Daddy for letting us shop in crowds like that.

Please Note: The pictures are a little blurring because my camera kept on focusing on the giant High School Musical Posters in the back ground. Stupid Disney!

I like that in this picture it looks as though Jason is enjoying himself.

Ziva got her first balloon. She loved it. Of course this picture looks like she is hypnotised by it. Her favorite part was the weight at the bottom. She spent the whole time at the story pulling up the balloon string to get to the weight only to have Jason take it from her and put it back in the bottom of the cart. They repeated this several times.

Peas and Thank You

The issue mentioned in the below paragraph has pretty much worked itself out. Still I thought some of you would enjoy these the photos and the back story.
I started having issues with Ziva while she would eat. She would get really frustrated and slap my hands. (I did discipline as much as you can a 9 month old. Basically I would hold her hands and say no. This lead to her trying to bite my hands that were holding her hands.) She would not eat. Big issues. I finally realized that this independent child of mine (yep, I prayed for that.) wanted to feed herself. Now we balance Ziva's meals between "baby" food and "big people" food. There are a couple of rough times but it has gotten much better.
Before the "Battle"

After the "Battle"

Cleaned up and ready to play in 5 minutes.

The Greek Food Festival

If there is any thing Savannah and the surrounding areas should be famous for is the availability of food festivals. They really pick up in the fall. From Sept. to mid-Nov. a family could keep their weekends very busy. Sometimes with three food festivals a weekend. We narrowed this past weekend to my favorite, The Greek Food Festival. I love this one. I love the food. The live music. The people. All of it. Best of all I love sharing it with my wonderful family. Wish all of you who were far away could have stuffed yourselves right along side us.
Dancing with Daddy

Mmmm...Greek food.

And more Greek food.

And even more...this time with a fork.

Thank you Daddy for getting water all over me.

Just Like Daddy

Bath Time with Daddy