Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve service...check.
Christmas Eve Chinese dinner ....check.
Tons of Pictures...check.

My Favorite Picture

My Favorites!

"You want to let me open this...don't you."

Ziva was almost done with pictures.


Landry Help?

Having finished folding laundry, I leave my room to check on the clothes in dryer. I come back a few minutes later to find Ziva in the middle of the clean, folded laundry. She is piling the clothes on her as "wenkets" aka blankets. That's what I get leaving a child alone. It could have been worse. So I snap a pic and laugh along with her.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some Pictures in Front of the Tree


Ziva did a good job taking pictures with Santa. She even went back and set in his lap again and told him bye-bye.


The mall also has a merry-go-round which Jason took Ziva on. This time he rode with her. I think they both enjoyed themselves.

What's Wrong Daddy?
Actually this Merry-go-round is super fast. Jason admits to being surprised at first with how fast they were going. Z never even noticed.

Daddy You're Cheesy

The Christmas Train

Yesterday we got to spend a little while at the mall and we had fun. Surprising, isn't it! We meet Jason at one of the malls and he took Ziva to see Santa and then to ride some rides. One ride she got to ride was the Christmas train. She really enjoyed it. I'm still trying to figure out how I got stuck riding with her when it was Jason's idea.

Big Girl

Everyday I am amazed by how much of a "big" girl Ziva is. She does so much for herself now and her imagination is just flourishing. It's awesome.

Reaching up High

Playing in her "fort."
We still have to paint the table to coordinate with her room.

By My Self!

Ziva has started insisting to do things by herself. Like putting these shoes on. She found these, I try to keep put this back for the summer, and had to put them on. She never did notice they were on the wrong feet.

Smile - Daddy Cut His Hair

It may be hard to tell in this picture but Jason finally cut his hair. Sad, I know. If you didn't notice just look back over the past couple of pictures and you will see a big difference.

Box Head

Oh this have become a favorite with Ziva. Walking around with a box on her head. She still hasn't correlated the covered eyes with the rise in accidents.

Ziva Could Have Made Room

The way Ziva made room here in the manger, I am sure she could have made room at the Inn.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesdays are for Fun!

Ziva was up and on the go this morning. She hadn't been up two minutes when she came down the hall sporting this ensemble. Then later, when I finally convinced her that the upper 70s heatwave we were experiencing didn't call for a hat, she moved on to her rain boots. Which are cute but make her feet stinky! The girl doesn't care. She is her own trendsetter.


Let me start by saying I wouldn't normally dress my kid like this...and that's saying a lot. But my husband loves chubaka and starwars and all that junk. And I saw found this very cheap and thought what the heck. For a little fun. What I didn't know was that the costume would actually look like Chubaka (am I spelling that right) had mange. Seriously, I know it's not the most expensive costume out there but is the best you can do. Still Ziva was too cute! She was roasted in about 5 minutes and was happy to take it off.


Ziva has started perching. I am not a big fan of it. Jason decide if he likes it or not. He thinks it cute but doesn't like what it does to the furniture. Everyday...a little more like our parents. I don't want to have to kiss a boo boo that could be avoided but you gotta let kids be kids...right. She is cute and really enjoys just hanging out.

I came out of the bathroom and found her this way.


Ziva got to help make pancakes the other morning. She loved much that she threw a fit when it was time to stop stirring. Sigh. After a little correction, she agreed that it would be best to step aside and let mommy cook.

All by myself!


When it gets quiet...PANIC!

Thank the Lord this time it was a false alarm. When I saw this my heart warmed up and I felt all gooshy on the inside like...a warm wet diaper. Then remembered that I should slip away quietly before I ruin it.

Snuggle Buddies

Daddy's Shoes

What to do with...

...a "swimmy diaper" in the winter...wear it as a hat. BTW...her father did this not me.

Loves her new hat!

Forsyth Park Inn

I have to give a shout out to the Forsyth Park Inn. You can find it at It is right across from Forsyth and beautiful. It is one of my favorite inns on the Park. Well, we got an awesome parking spot when we went to the park. Which is a big deal and it just happened to be right next to the inn. I wanted to snap a couple of pictures of Z before we headed to the park. The owner happened to return to the inn as we are taking pictures and she invited us into to the garden to take pictures. She was so nice, the gardens were beautiful and Ziva wanted nothing to do with the camera. Still I loved getting to see what I have only got to see though the gate. I would suggest this place to anyone. The garden alone is worth it.

The sidewalk.

One of the huge trees in the back yard.

Walking on a stone walk way isn't easy.

Play Clothes Time

A helping hand from daddy.



"Finally, I get to swing."