Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Atlanta Trip - Part III

Another nice time was when Ziva and I went to Piedmont Park. Though under construction, it is a very nice park. There were a lot of people there which isn't normally a big deal for me but you-know-who has started to wonder off if given a chance. I spent most of my time watching her and my purse (in stroller) like a hawk. Ziva's favorite thing was to run off across the the different grass areas towards other's Frisbee games. Ahhhhhh, it wore me out. BTW...it was in the 70s the entire trip. Very nice.

Dropping Leaves

Watching the "Waaer"

The only time Z would "cheese" is when her mouth was full of old, cold Chick-fil-a waffle fry.

No More Please

Atlanta Trip - Part II

One awesome part was the view from our room. Now I'm more of a nature girl when it comes to views, but I won't pass by a nice view no matter where I am. We got a corner room which meant lots and lots of windows. We all really enjoyed it.
Sunset-Buckhead/Atlanta from our east windows.

Sunset-Downtown Atlanta from our south window.

Ziva and Daddy watching the lights at sunset.

Downtown Atlanta


Atlanta Trip - Part I

This past weekend Ziva and I got to accompany Jason to Atlanta. He had a rather large medical something or another convention there. We got to stay four days and three nights in Buckhead. Which is one of the more expensive parts of Atlanta, so I am told, so we totally stuck out like sour thumbs. Though we didn't get to see Jason during the day, we did get to explore parts of Atlanta. It was a very nice time.
One thing we did there was visit the Children's Museum in downtown. I have a lot to say about this place, but I don't want to drone on and on about some not so good things. Ziva had fun and that is really all that matters. If you want more on the total experience please ask because I have a lot to say. Still here are some oh so cute pictures of Z and her time there.
Dinner is Served



On Stage

My Little Artist


Moon Sand. I had never handled this stuff before. It is addictive.

Good Cow


Monday, November 16, 2009

Starting the Journey to being a Big Girl

A few months ago we started in very, very small steps introducing the "potty process" to Ziva. Giving her a chance to start wrapping her mind around the concept. Little by little she got use to it. I believe it is almost time to start the real training. Last week I showed her her big girl panties. She loved them and wanted to immediately put them on...over her pants...backwards. It was cute. So maybe in a week or two we will have a potty trained toddler...Lord willing. Don't hesitate to say a prayer for us if you remember it.

Note: May I suggest the book Stress-Free Potty Training by Sara Au and Peter L. Stavinoha. Though probably not the end all of potty books (is there really one?), it seemed to take a realistic approach. Not only do they NOT promise to have your child trained in one day or even three, they do NOT have a "one way works for all" approach. They give many suggestions for many different temperaments of children. Which is awesome. They also suggest introducing the entire processes slowly, in comparison to waking up one day and totally surprising your child. The book is worth the money and the time of reading it. It also helps parents remember that not all children are alike and they don't learn the same. Knowing this can remove some frustration from both your and your child's lives. Good Luck.

Z in her big girl panties.

Sunny and Warm...in November?

So while most of you are starting to feel the chill, we're still toasty and warm. Yesterday ( Sunday the 15th) it was 80 degrees. Today it seems it will be just as warm. I love it. Jason hates it. Ziva just wants to go "outside."

Z is starting to play in the dirt.

I love once it was time to go inside she wanted her shoes on.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Special Day

Today, 31 years ago, a recovering hippy and a Gman, drive somewhere in Northern Arkansas to pick up their new baby. It was a beautiful autumn day, hence my name, Autumn. Which is nice because they were going to call be Winder Dawn...hmmm. My father gave me the middle name Nicole and my first last name Ivy. What a wonderful page in God's plan. Thank you mom and dad for being open this day to the Lord's leading. Happy Special Day to you two too!

This is the picture my parents were sent when they were notified about me.
I was 2.5 months old and huge. My foster mother feed me cereal already with a infa-feeder. Remember those? I was put on a diet as soon as my new pediatrician meet me.

Here is me in the car with my mom.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Balance a Daddy Brings

I overwork my mind sometimes trying to make sure I am raising and training Ziva in such a way that is balanced. Lots of fun but lots of learning. Balance in her diet. Balance in her sleep patterns, etc, etc, etc. What I love is that it just isn't about me. The perfection that only the Lord can provide is wonderful. Jason bought Ziva these glow in the dark sticks and took her out in the dark the other night. They both had a blast. It was something new for her and she ate it up. I can't explain how much fun she was having and at the same time I knew her mind was expanding. Best of all, she was loving hanging out and playing with her daddy. It was awesome. He just does these wonderful things with her I would never think of but are so great for her. It's no wonder when he is at work she asks where he is and wants him home. They both fill up my heart. Thank you Lord!!!!

Now these pictures are blurry. I wanted the full effect of the dark. These were taken when they came inside and turned out all the lights.

Ziva is leaning back against Ziva to the right of the picture.

This is just Ziva.

Just Z again.

Z is on the left and Jason on the right, but if you look you can see where Z leaned down for a moment.

Z's Halloween Sucker

Halloween 2009

Forgoing the usual cutesy, girly costumes. I took one of my only chances to dress my child up as whatever I wanted to dress her up as...A CHICKEN! I loved the idea. No one else seemed to. Huh, whatever. 27 feet of white feather boas later my Ziva is too cute to peep!

Right after wrestling her into her costume. Seriously, we had to. That and bribe her with candy.

After she got the hang of it, Ziva seemed to really enjoy herself. At this door she got mad because no one answered. She almost wouldn't leave.

They were too cute together! They had so much fun. I loved getting to hang back and watch them!

This little boy wanted to take Ziva home with him. As soon as Ziva "answered" the door, he was spell bound. He actually turned around to his mother and told her that Z was so pretty. We didn't think he was going to leave. The funny part was that Z didn't know what to do with him.

Z's newest reaction to having her picture taken.

"So you dress me like this then expect me to share. No way!"

Sorting out her candy.

Arkansas Trip/Fall 2009 - Random Pictures

Going with Poppy to the swings.

Swingin' and cheesin' with Nanny.

Carolyn Pugh and Z
The best and only posed smile Ziva did for pictures on the trip.

My parents have a storm door and Z loved looking out of it.