Thursday, March 5, 2009

Playing in her Room

Ziva loves her new room. I have not finished decorating it so we won't "unveil" it yet. Still she loves it. She likes her big window that faces east. She loves to "let the sunshine in" when she gets up in the morning. Basically, she has a lot of fun and I don't mind her going where ever she wants to in this house.

Note: See the activity cube to the right? It's awesome. Z loves it. The best only cost $10!

What to play with?

When we came back from our Christmas trips we instituted a few new "rules" for Ziva. One was no passie or taggie if she wasn't in bed sleeping. She took on quickly and doesn't mind at all. It also helps because I know when she is ready for a nap because she will go to her bed, get her taggie and hold it to her face. No hiding that from Mommy.

I know that all too soon Ziva and Sera will be inseparable. They love each other. It is cute until Ziva licks Sera back. Which she did the other day. GROSS!

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