Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mom, if you would just listen!

Ziva was talking up a storm all morning so I had to catch it. She has been "talking" for weeks now. It is so cute. She just goes on and on whether anyone is there or not. Her face gets so serious too. She probably gets frustrated with us because we aren't taking her seriously.

It's hard to film a baby and watch her at the same time. So I am sorry for the horrible camera work.

They Grow So Fast

I honestly thought that this cradle would last till Ziva was at least 4 months. One more way I have been wrong about how my child will be. This is during one of her naps and it shows that it's time to move up to a crib.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ziva's First Easter

Ziva's first Easter was simple but fun. We went to church then had a special lunch that Daddy cooked. Ziva was too cute. Everyone cooed over her. Of course she slept through church but we won't fault her for that yet. What a wonderful day to celebrate new life. She is such a great reminder of the love the Lord has for us. We thank Him daily for our wonderful gift.

Look, they match.

Have you seen my hands Mommy? They are quite wonderful!
No more pictures!

Another Picture with Daddy

Here is Ziva and Jason the day before Easter. We are about to go shopping. I don't think she was excited or she could be tired of us taking pictures of her. She was awesome when we went shopping. She talked to herself the whole time. She is so like her mommy!

March 20th, 2008 - 11 Weeks

Someone loves their hands!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sleepin' in the Tub

Saturday Night was Ziva's first tornado warning. Which is the last thing we were expecting since we moved from Tornado Alley. In the 6 years we lived here before there hadn't been even a watch, so we were caught off guard. The only place we could find central and safe in our little condo was the guest bathroom. That is were Miss Ziva slept for a few hours. Isn't she cute?

This is what having no clue looks like.

Our First Parade

We went to our first parade on Friday 14th. The St. Patrick's Day parade in Savannah. It was a lot cooler than we expected, so we ended up at the mall shopping for daddy. We feel it wasn't that bad of an attempt for a 2 month old's first parade. Next year you all are invited to join us.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

March 13th, 2008 - 10 Weeks Old

We celebrated Ziva's 10th week at the beach. She did a little better than last time. Yet, after 5 minutes she was ready to go home. Guess it was still too bright.

All tuckered out.

Ziva's Hollywood Mugshot

Sometimes babies with lots of hair aren't so cute or easy. There was no taming this mess.

Another First

This was Ziva's first time to feel grass under her bare feet. One of mommy's favorite things to do. I don't think she was moved by the event as I was. She was ready for her nap.

March 9th, 2008 - 9 Weeks Old

More Nanny Time! Ziva has been having a lot of fun with her Nanny Ivy. She took us today to go see the Easter Bunny. I had a few fears of what could happen but it went as well as could be expected. No real big smiles, but then no true melt downs.

We also went to see the Doctor for our two month check up. Ziva now weighs 10lbs even and is 22.5 inches long!! The Doctor said she was perfect and was excited about her development. We do suspect that she may be lactose intolerant. So, we are going to try a new formula and I am going to cut out milk and see if that doesn't help her crying and pain. Praying that this works. It is so sad when she is in pain (gas and such) but when she's not she is such a happy baby. Hopefully we can fix this so she can be happy all the time.

Napping with Nanny

2 Months Old!!!

It really does go by so fast! My baby is two months old! Wow!

Nanny and Daddy Time

Nanny Ivy arrived for a two week visit on March 1st. That weekend we just hung out and everyone had a great time. It was nice for Nanny because she got to see her "Sweet Pea" and it was great for Jason and Me because we got to sleep in.
Playing with our book.

Who's that girl?

Yea for Me!

Somebody's Happy

Hangin' With the Girls

Jackie and Ashley, two of my college friends, came to visit Lil' Miss Ziva. Ziva was such a good girl and really enjoyed the company. The girls were right at home with Ziva. It was too cute and so nice to have company. Since we are so far away from everyone we don't get a lot of opportunities to show off our baby.

Feb. 28, 2008 Leap Year - 8 Weeks Old

Today Ziva is 8 Weeks Old. Some would say that she is two months old but wouldn't that be on March 3rd. Hmmmm...either way. Hurray to my little sleepy head!

Too Cute for Words!

Feb. 21st, 2008 - 7 Weeks

Ziva turned 7 weeks on the 21st. We welcome it and hope it will be easier than week 6. We ended up taking her into the emergency room on Saturday night (16th). She had cried nonstop for 6 hours. There ended up being nothing wrong with her. It was really scary. We praise the Lord that our baby is okay but still pray for an answer to why she is still crying more than normal. It seems like every other day is a bad day for her.

She did have a good day on Saturday the 23rd. Jason's co-workers threw a "Meet Me" Baby Shower. It was lots of fun and Ziva got lots of cute stuff. She did not have any pain so she got to enjoy being loved on.

Ziva with Mrs. Sandy, Hostess of Shower and Co-worker of Jason's

These are a few of her favorite things.

Ziva loves hanging out with Daddy and napping. I think it's a Brown thing.

Feb. 14th, 2008 - 6 Weeks

Happy Valentines Day! We were given two cute outfits so we decided to show off our stuff for our 6 Weeks and Valentines Day. Ziva maybe pretty but she is such a ham already. We know there are quite a few pictures but they were all too cute to pass up. That's what you get with first time parents!

Ziva with her pony from Aunt Amy and Uncle Chad.

Ziva with Miss Monkey from Grand Jan and Pops Brown.

Ziva's outfit from the Darrows.

Help! Get this thing off of me!

Funny Faces with Ziva

Little Moments with Ziva

We finally figured out that Ziva has Reflux. Now that she has something to take care of it she can eat more peacefully. It took a few days for it to start working. Now we have a happier baby...most of the time.
Bad Dog!

"Hello, Mr. Lion. How's it hangin'?"

Passed out. This was taken after one of her crying fits.