Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bridge Over Southern Water

As a last hurrah of sorts I wanted to capture my "last" trip over the Talmadge Bridge. It is the bridge that I crossed many times during my trips from SC to Savannah, GA and back. For years I have been terrified of this bridge. I admired it from afar but hated crossing it. It seems though that in the recent months my fears have subsided though I do have to admit I am still quite curious to what the work crews are working on. Anyway, I wanted to capture and share the experience, via the view, of crossing over to SC from GA the back way. Please note that I just held the camera up and snapped pictures. I did not endanger myself or my child while taking these pictures. I really said all that for my mother's benefit. Love ya mom.
Here we are going up. It really is close to a roller coaster climb. A Silver Dollar City roller coaster not a 6 Flags one.

Here is the eastern view of the Savannah River. It empties into the Atlantic Ocean. The bridge basically divides downtown Savannah (east of bridge) and the ports (west of bridge). Did you know that Savannah is the largest single terminal container port on the U.S. eastern seaboard?

Savannah doesn't have a typical skyline like most cities. There is a restriction on how high buildings can be built. One or two were built tall before the restriction. Mostly it is a rather tame skyline that you can't see but from the bridge. I love it. I like all the steeples.

Here is one of the HUGE cargo ships that come up the Savannah River from the Atlantic to the ports. They are bigger than many of the buildings on River Street. It is very surreal. I love the juxtaposition of the modern (ships) with old (buildings).

And Ziva sleeps through it all.

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