Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How Does Momma's Little Piggy Eat?

We have no idea where Ziva gets her eating habits. Where does she get this tendency to pig out?!? What started out as impressive has turned out to be mind boggling. Ziva started "early" feeding herself. She mastered the "pinch" movement and went to town with cereal snacks. So I moved on to other foods that she could feed herself. It all worked out well. I was so proud of my well coordinated baby. Until...

Until sometime after her first birthday, her dainty "pinching" eating style evolved into a "frat boy, vacuum, eating contest, shoveling, haven't been fed in weeks" style. So when I was ready to set my physically "advanced" child on her own during meals, the Lord unleashed his humility machine in the form of my child, the mini caveman. Ziva would actually shove fists full of food into her move, not stopping to chew. She would do it in world record speeds. It was crazy.

Feeling like we were moving backwards, we had to start regulation how much food was on Z's tray. I would place one piece of green bean. She would grab it and shove it in her mouth. I would wait. She would fuss, mouth full, for more. I would place another piece...on and on like this. Thankfully, my mother was here to help with this process. She seemed to enjoy taking it one bite at a time.

In this video we had been working with Z for sometime and felt she had made it back to being able to hold a "bigger" piece. We still had a while to work on it. It has been almost a month since this video and she is doing better now.

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