Thursday, September 18, 2008


We would like to welcome Amy and Chad Carlson and their daughter, Julia, as well as Katy and her son, Jaxon, to the wonderful world of Blogger. WELCOME! You can find your way to our relatives' blogs below in the "Blogs we love to read." Check'em out sometime.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Teeth

Ziva's third tooth is in. We also think number four is on almost here, but she won't let us check. So now she will have her two upper front teeth. A perfect lil' bunnie rabbit.


Ziva has started crawling. Jason and I have started to stress out. Just kidding. We're not stressed. We're just reevaluating every habit we have, such as sitting her on her palette and going to do the dishes. Now that she doesn't sit still, all has changed. It is fun to see how much she enjoys her new freedom. A lot of the time she squeals when she is crawling. She really does enjoy the world around her.
Sneaking off under the table.

Practising her Razorback Touchdown signal.


This picture is for any of you who remember who Kenickie from Grease. I think her hair look like his in the movie.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Waking Up and Playing

Even though Ziva wakes up smiling, she often zones in and out till she is totally awake. These pictures are the transition she goes through before breakfast.

Chilling Out, Waiting for Breakfast, "Watching" the Today Show

Well, Good Morning!
Up and Playing

Chuck E. Cheese

Ziva got to go to her second birthday party this past weekend. It was held at Chuck E. Cheese. We were surprised but Ziva actually enjoyed herself. She didn't have one negative reaction to all the lights, bells and whistles. Jason and I on the other hand can go years without walking into another Chuck E. Cheese.

Ziva taking Stuart Little for a ride.

Jason taking Ziva down the slide.

Ziva peering around Jason at the "show."

One reason why Mommy has to take anti-anxiety meds!

Games! Games! Games!

Ziva watching the show. She wouldn't turn away.

Ziva with Chuck E. She did good. She wanted to examine his hands or paws.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not The Brightest Bulb in the Packet

So I bought the cutest pink trashcan for Ziva's room. The shade of pink and shape of the can are quite trendy. If I say so myself.

This is why I am stupid. I bought a trendy pink trash can for a baby room. I have diaper pail in it. Yet, I felt it needed a trashcan. A trashcan that comes with the following dialog:

"Here my sweet precious child. Here are all the things I've thrown away and don't want you to have. I have placed them in one convenient place close to the ground and easy to knock over. Have at it and have fun. Love, Mom."

Seriously, will I ever start thinking things through? Anyone need a pink trash can?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So Now What

So these pictures probably don't make much sense when you first look at them so I will explain what happened. To put it plainly, Ziva got her video monitor camera down again. Below are the pictures I took of the monitor. They are dark and blurry, but oh so funny. Basically, it is what I saw happening.

This is her ceiling. She has paper lanterns hanging from her ceiling. That is what those faint circles are. That is what I first saw when I looked at the screen.

Then here is her looking directly into the lens. You can see her eye in the lower left corner of the picture.

In this one you can see her ear, eye and hair. That blurry mass in the lower right corner is her hand. Right after I took this picture Ziva started scratching the mic area. It made an awesome sound.

On The Move

Ziva is still not crawling but she is on the move. Today she went for daddy's PlayStation enough times that he finally realized he need to put up the cords and shut the door. I think Jason is finally getting the idea of how our lives are about to change...even more.

To entice Ziva we build towers with her blocks that she loves to knock over. We build them in one area. She knocks them over. WE build them some where else. She all but crawls over and knocks them down. Over and over again. She loves it. It is actually fascinating how much Ziva loves to knock over the blocks. It's been a game she has learned in the past week or two. Today she changed the game. She wouldn't just knock them over. She would gently touch them a couple times and then of course knock them over. It is so amazing to watch her grow, learn and catch on to things. I feel she is already smarter than me. Granted that's not saying much, but how am I going to keep up?


This is Ziva's hair when she wakes up. Too funny! Ziva is this happy when she wakes. It is so awesome and such a blessing to have someone always happy to see you in the morning.


A week or two ago we introduced Ziva to cereal. The kind that "melts" in your mouth. I guess so babies won't choke on them. They taste sweet...sort of. Ziva likes them. It took her a while to get the hang of eating them. She can now get them to her mouth ,in her mouth and leave them there. She was putting them to her mouth then she would take them out. Now that she has eating them mastered, she scarfs them down. It is so funny. She is just like her mommy and her daddy.

I like how her bib says "Looking Good is better than being good." Does these count as looking good?

Monday, September 8, 2008


Ziva has started to play with her toys the way they were intended...sort of. Today for the first time she tried to put the shapes through the hole. She didn't get any of them through. She did choose the correct hole for the blue circle. It probably would have worked to if she had kept her foot out of the hole. Small steps.

8 Months and 4 Days

It may have seemed like it, but we did not let Ziva's 8 month bday pass by without notice. We were busy preparing for Hurricane Hannah, which, Praise the Lord, passed us by. We had to rearrange the garage and get all the boxes (over 50) up off of the floor. Box up "valuables" and put them up. Plan out where our furniture would go. We were afraid that we would flood. It gets pretty soggy on a "normal" rainy day. So we knew that it would get real bad if Hanna hit us or even near us.
It rained for about an hour and that was it.
So here is our little girl on her 8 months and 4 day birthday. As you see it is almost impossible to get her to sit still and even more impossible to get a good picture. But she is so much fun to watch.
Ziva has changed so much in the past month. She waves goodbye. She is working on da da. Well we are working on attaching da da to Jason. We are working on our signs. She does cereal when she is playing but doesn't attached it to any meaning. She is pulling up and almost crawling. We thought she was going to crawl last week but tooth number three interrupted. Ziva spent a lot of last week fussing while she played. Ziva has also learned that if she kicks the underneath of her highchair tray she can knock stuff off. That's fun.

Not Sitting Still

Still Not Sitting Still

Still Not Sitting Still

The only picture she looked at the camera.

This would have been the best picture. She was posed cute. She was smiling. She was looking at the camera. Then Fulton came out of nowhere and ruined it!

Ziva's First Birthday Party

Ziva attended her first birthday party this Saturday. Since Hanna passed us by all of us in the "Low Country" relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. Here are a few pics of Ziva and Daddy having fun.

Ziva's First Balloon

Ziva's First Pool Table (Against Mom's Wishes)

Ziva still playing on pool table...still against Mom's wishes.

Ziva also got to swing for the first time. She loved it. It was so awesome getting to see her enjoy herself like that. Swinging is still one of my favorite things to do. Which is funny because I am afraid of heights (that's why I'm short). Watching her made me yearn for her to be a little older so that we could swing together. But not now...grow up slowly little one.

Funny Face