Friday, April 25, 2008

What happens when mommy's gone.

So yesterday I go to the doctor in the late afternoon. I leave Ziva, napping, with her father. I come home and they show me this. Didn't I mention earlier something about "daddy trying to see what would happen?" Note my daughter is only 16weeks to the day and shouldn't be standing on her own on hard solid unmoving surfaces. So is a day in the life of a mother. I do apologize for the camera work. I forget sometimes that I can't turn my camera vertical for video. Oops!

Bath Baby

I just love my bath baby and my bath baby just loves me!!

I love you this much!

I'm ready for my close up, Mr. DeVille

New Face, New Trick.

Ziva has started making this face. It is too funny. We believe it is from her chewing on her tongue because of her teething. Or it could just be to aid in the production of bubbles and drool. Which are so bad that Jason has even started calling her Bubbles. Ziva is also in the very early stages of sitting up. We discovered this over the weekend in OKC. Jason had her on the table and decided to stop holding her. I feel we will have a bunch of "daddy wants to see what will happen" moments. Hopefully, she'll come through unscratched.

Ziva's Dedication

For those of you who don't know us, our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is very important to us. Unfortunately we don't have a home church because we are temporally living in South Carolina. Though we visit a church here it is only for a moment. Yet, we still felt it very important to dedicate our daughter as well as our selves to her growth spiritually. That is the main reason for visiting OKC. In front of our families we got a chance to do this. What a blessing from the Lord. Even more is that Marty, Jason's dad, got to do the dedication. It was wonderful. We pray that we always seek to fulfill these promised to our daughter, family and most of all the Lord.

High as a Kite

No More Pictures!!!

Picture Fun with Toddlers and Babies

We all learned a valuable lesson this past weekend. It is not fun nor easy to take group pictures of toddlers and babies. Our prayers go out to all you photographers out there. May the Lord grant you peaceful sessions...seriously!

Pictures on top of Pictures

Cousins Don't Shake Hands

Cousins gotta hug! Ziva and Jaxon loved each other. It was so cute to see them together. Ziva loved to stare and stare. Jaxon was obsessed. He talked about "baby Ziva" all day and all night. Poor Aunt Katy is probably still hearing about her.

More Fun inthe OKC

Ziva's first cell phone that Nanny Ivy bought her. Note her "thinking" face.

Ziva and Uncle Robbie

Ziva and Pops

Ziva and Poppy

Preggo Aunt Amy and Uncle Chad

Ziva with Nanny Ivy and her mesmerizing red shirt.

Fun in the OKC

Between Jason's parents graciasly giving us a round trip plane ticket and my parents generously giving us money we made plans to fly to Oklahoma City. It was the first time our siblings got to see Ziva. It was so fun and wonderful to share our wonderful baby girl. We had a wonderful time. We were just sorry it was too short of a trip.

Playing with Gran Jan

Ahhhhh...nobody understands you like family.

Jason and Jaxon. Baseball here requires full gear.

Ziva and her Aunt Katy

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ziva's First Plane Ride

Ziva did such a great job flying! Barely fussed at all on both flights. Everyone loved her. I wouldn't have been surprised if they had let her fly the plane, which she would have at least liked to have tried.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sacked Out

Someone played so hard that she couldn't stay awake.

Happy, Sad.