Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eating Like a Big Girl

Oh how fun it was to introduce "big people food" to Eden.  She ate it all up...literally.

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Just so you know there really isn't any where good to camp in south GA.  Not even the beach really but people do.  Even if you found a some what okay place to camp it would still be close to 100 degrees in early June.  Second best thing to the Ozarks is...well the Highlands in NC...the third best is your own back yard.  Jason and I really want Ziva to be "outdoorsy" like we are...use to be...and realized that if that was going to happen we were going to have to improvise.  Hence the campsite in the back yard.  They had fun right until bedtime when Z freaked out and demanded to go inside.  Eden and I had a nice time inside though.  


Trying out the new sleeping bag.
I just want to point out that our daughter was totally potty trained at this time but her father refused to share a bed with her all night without some guarantee that he wouldn't wake up sleeping in pee.
"Is this safe?"
First Smore
Yea for air conditioning!
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Fashion Sense

There really are no words...this picture will come out when she wants to start dating.
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Sweet Babies

Eden sleeping with her taggie and baby (it's name).  They actually kind of look alike.
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Sitting Up

So these pictures are from Eden sitting up for the first time on her own.  I was actually beginning to worry that she wasn't going to sit up but then realized she needed entertainment to keep her up.  This was in her sister's room just before bed time.  Very exciting...well for me.  She's been sittin' pretty ever since!

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