Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Cute Trick

I have mentioned that Ziva has started to clap. She now will take your hands and make you clap. It is so cute. When she does it she wants you to clap hard. She smiles every time your hands "pop" together.

Now if I could only get her to catch on to her baby signs.

"Quiet" Time

This is what happens when I think Ziva is awake from her nap but it is still very quiet in her room. She tears down her video monitor, its mount and then dismantles it. It was actually "secured" in its spot with a zip cord. A lot of good that did.

She Keeps Trying

Here are some pics of Ziva trying to crawl. Usually after this point she gives up and rolls to where she is going.


This monster was right outside our back door. I just happened to look it's way before I walked outside. As you are probably guessing I did not go straight out. I had to form a game plan. Quickly, I ran to the kitchen grabbed my all purpose cleaner with bleach. I prepare myself then crack the door and spray the monster. At first nothing, then it dropped to the ground. AHHHH! I slam the door. Take another picture of the huge monster. I then look around me for my new weapon...hmmm...aha, one of Jason's hundred flip flops. I grab the size 12, crack the door again, hurl it and...miss. From two feet away! I did manage to move it off the step thing where is in the picture below. I summon all my courage, open door quickly and then jump (though the web - YUCK) and turn to face my enemy. Where did it go?!? There it is. I grab the broom which I leave on the back porch to sweep the ever mounting dirt. I attack! BAM BAM BAM! I get three good hits in. Then it was just gone. No crumpled body. No turned in legs. Nothing. Only me, the broom, silence and the fear that it could be any where on my body. I run inside and pat my body down. Nothing. I returned to the door to look for the monster several times through the day and not once did I see it or any signs from it. I guess I am stuck with only the memory and the sneaking feeling that something keeps crawling over my back.

I measured the spot where that spider was. That thing was at least 3.5 inches.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I love this outfit that Ziva is wearing but the day of these pictures will be the last day for her to wear it. Though she is still long and skinny, it was like wrestling a bikini off of a bear when I took the shirt off. It seems that everything fits perfectly then overnight everything is too small. I think that she outgrows some outfits while she has them on.
Goodnight Air

Ziva has gone from drooling to spitting. Nice. Not really spitting, spitting but trying to blow raspberries turns into spitting.

Fluffy Butt

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Who is Ziva Grace?

This is for those who are missing all the sweet day-to-day wonders of our child. We really do wish you could be here with us to experience Ziva Grace.

…has her own private jokes with herself and the dogs. There are times she is playing and then she snickers to herself. When I smile at her in a way that asks what are you laughing at sweetie? She stops smiling in a “you wouldn’t understand way.” Or one of the dogs will walk by where she is playing and look at her in that way that makes dogs look like they are smiling and Ziva smiles back and giggles. Then I try to chime in and they both go back to as if nothing was happening.
…likes TV. Now don’t yell at me. I hate TV. I lived for four years without a TV and almost six years without cable. Now I am married to Jason Brown so things have changed. Plus we have a 50” TV (from our other house where it made more sense) in this small townhouse. How could Z not miss it? I try my best to keep it off but when it’s on she looks and smiles at it. She does watch Sesame Street. She loves the monsters. She also loves Yo Gabba Gabba which I do like and would let her watch when she gets older. I limit how long it is on during the day. I also have Techless Tuesdays when we go totally without radio, TV and internet…until daddy gets home. I can see her dad in her when she stares at the TV.
…loves to spin.
…loves to dance with Mommy and Daddy.
…likes to scratch things so that she can hear and feel the difference. She also drags her finger tips along the top of plastic things to make sounds. I can’t wait till she discovers chalkboards.
…is obsessed with Fulton, our Cat.
…loves walks. She just kicks back and enjoys the ride.
…smiles when we call the HOGS.
…uses her eyebrows in her reactions. When she does she looks just like her dad…at least her expressions do.
…really likes her closet. When I am holding her and I open the closet doors, Ziva gets this huge smile and stares in wonder at all her clothes. It’s too cute.
…sometimes puts her right hand out like a Shakespearean actor when she is talking to herself. It’s look like she is delivering a monologue from Hamlet.
…can clap. She really likes to clap.
…loves music. Especially live or string instruments. She’ll stop whatever she is doing to listen.
…likes to jump and jump and jump and jump and jump.
…loves books and being read to.
…is so sweet but is going to be very independent. At least that is what it looks like.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Captive Audience

Ziva loves to listen to her daddy play the guitar. No matter what she is doing she stops and listens with such intensity. She smiles and bounces when its a lively song or just sits still and listens to a slower one. I can tell that Jason can not wait to get Ziva her own little guitar and start teaching her.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No Thank You!!!

Ziva did not like her spinach and carrot medley. The picture below does not capture the beauty of my child gagging as she tries to get it all out of her mouth. What she doesn't know is her mom is sneaky. The next time I fed her I snuck the food into her peas a little at a time so that at the end of the meal she was eating all spinach and carrot medley. Now she likes it. I am in charge!!! Sort of.

The Brown Family Theme Rice


Ziva was just rolling over but it looks like she was posing for a picture. Poor child has my ears.

Pool Time Again

The Great Escape

Ziva has become more mobile. She's still not crawling but we are starting to realize that she's gonna end up where she wants to no matter how she gets there.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Welcome Little One!

Welcome, Julia Kate Carlson! After many long months and long hours of labor, this sweet bundle was born to Amy (Jason's sister) and Chad Carlson. I would tell you more about her but I wasn't in a place to write stuff down when I received the info. The best I can tell you is 19 inches (I think) and 6lbs and ?ounces. She was born last night around 9:30pm. I was taking a bath. (TMI!) We are so excited for Amy, Chad and Julia. We pray that the Lord blesses this time for them as well as the rest of their lives.

Julia Kate Carlson

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun with Sunglasses

What if I look through them this way?

The seriousness and weirdness of Ziva's play. Yes the foot through the hole is on purpose.

Taking Turns

There They Are!

If you look closely you can see Ziva's two front teeth. Hmmm, sounds like a good subject for a song. Anyway, the one on the left was the first and the one on the right (which is barely there in this pic) is about 5 days behind.

I Spy...

I went into Ziva's room the other morning and she was still asleep. I noticed that I could not find one of her arms. Knowing her it could have been anywhere. Luckily, I looked and found it. Can you find it?

Our Little Sweetheart

Friday, August 8, 2008

Good News

In the mist of some bad news, such as Jason's Jeep dying and our house still has not sold, we have good news.

First, Jason had an business account issue work itself out, finally. It was a rather large issue but I believe with faith and lots of prayer the Lord has been faithful.

Also, we went to the Pediatric Cardiologist today and all the test on Ziva's heart came back perfect! She has what they call a innocent murmur and everything is okay. Praise God! She also got her second tooth on Wednesday. That's two in one week of restless nights. Hopefully, she's done teething for at least a week. She has also grown another inch since July 17th. Ziva is now 27 inches.

We're getting a car from Jason's Granddad to help out the car situation we're having.

So Thank You Lord for all you do for us!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jason "Watching" the Baby

Ziva watching TV as Jason watches her.

Happy 7 Months Ziva Grace!!!

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008 marked Ziva's seven month birthday. She has an awesome day. She had a great time at church. She has such a great time playing with all those babies. She slept through lunch. Which is awesome for mom and dad. Then she played and napped perfectly the rest of the day. I dressed her in one of my outfits when I was a baby. I think I wore it when I was around 5 months...I was a bit on the portly side. More on that another day. Once I put it on her she wouldn't stop smiling. Maybe she was secretly laughing at me, who knows. It was so fun!

Bath Baby

Bathwater and Drool

Daddy, What's In There?

Ziva likes to look at teeth and if she's fast enough she'll grab them. This time she was fast enough to shove her entire hand in Jason's mouth...and I got it on film!!!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Breakthrough!

We have a tooth! It broke through on Thursday. Ziva's 30 week "birthday." This picture is the closest I can get. I've only seen it twice since it has appeared and today is Saturday. Jason has seen it once. We've only felt it a few times, but we know it's there. Ziva is guarding it strictly. She won't open her month for us or keeps it hidden under her tongue. There's no foolin' us. We know. One down!

Her Eyes Aren't Blue

There's a fine line between baby toys and dog toys.

Discussing the fine line between baby toys and dog toys.

Look at how long my baby is!

30 Weeks - July, 31, 2008

I forgot to tell you, in the 6 month doctor visit post, all of Ziva's pertinent info. She was, at the time, 26" but we know she has even grown longer since then. She weighs 15lbs and 12 ounces.

I did another comparison photo. The farthest sleeper on the right is a new born and the one in the middle is a 6 month. Ziva is wearing a 9 month and has been for at least a month.