Friday, April 30, 2010


Eden Faith Brown - 2 Weeks

At her two week doctor's visit, Eden weighed in at 7lbs 1oz.

I had to add this picture even though it doesn't show her length very well. Jason and I think that it looks like Monkey is having it's picture taken with Eden. Not the other way around.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Washing Dishes

Don't laugh, but I wear an apron and gloves when I go dishes. So when Ziva "washes" dishes she has to wear her apron and gloves (my garden gloves).

Doing the Dishes.
Nothing accents PJs like white sandals.


Nanny and Poppy visit to help out followed Gran Jan and Pops. While Poppy was here he gave Ziva a new hat. A "fishin'" hat. From that moment Ziva had to go fishing even if she didn't know what it was. We tried to find a "real" place to take her fishing but the best we could do was the wanna-be lake (big pond) in our subdivision. Poppy and Ziva fished off the boat ramp and they actually caught three perch. I can't believe there were fish to catch. Even though Ziva wasn't a fan of holding the fish, she had a great time.
Teaching Ziva to Cast

Another Big Catch

This is the fishing pole Poppy bought Ziva. I was thinking that he would get her a Snoopy or smurf one. Nope. She got a full size pole. It was pink.

Making her fish face.

Eden Faith Brown - 1 Week

We borrowed this idea from our friends, Chad and Kim Cate. They took weekly pictures of their daughter, Ashlen . They would take the picture with the same stuffed animal in almost the same position so that it showed Ashlen's growth. Then after a year they put all the pictures together in an ordered collage of sorts. It was really a neat project and came out nice. Jason wanted to do it with Eden and hopefully I can stay on top of that I have two children, which by the way I still find very terrifying.

One Week

Deep Thoughts with Eden

Daddy's Girls

Still Sportin' Those Boots

Ziva, Her Little Sister and Her Lil' Sister's Stuff

Z is wearing her sisters hat which is now probably too big to fit her.

Ziva, her pig and Mommy's lil piggy (who wants to nurse nonstop!).

Eat, Sleep and Poop

Well, just pictures of sleeping right now.

Eden was so small when she was born and she would ball up like a "rolly poly" that her feet would make their way out of her sleeper (which were big for her to start with).

Fun with Pops and Gran Jan

Out and About Down Town Savannah with Gran Jan

Ziva likes to play "chubby baby" with people's faces.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Itty Bitty

First Doctors Visit

Eden had her first doctor visit when she was 4 days old. She checked out wonderfully! She had gained one ounce. She had dropped from 6lbs 11ozs to 6lbs 2ozs. Here she was 6lbs 3ozs. Everything else is awesome.

Dr. Stone and Eden
Why is my child on the floor? She's hiding under the table.
Doing a good job isn't she.


It is exciting to have two girls now. I never had a sister so I can't wait to watch Ziva and Eden grow up together. Ziva loves her little sister but still is learning, especially being gentle. Ziva's interest comes and goes. At first she seemed interested in her when Eden is sleeping. It's been two weeks now and Ziva is doing better with her. She wants to hold her a lot and help.

Ziva and Eden's first picture together at home.

I know this picture is blurry but I love it.

Eden Faith Brown

Eden (Hebrew for Delight) Faith Brown
April 13th, 2010, 7:37am
6lb, 11oz (just like her big sister)
19 inches (2.5inches shorter than Ziva)

Ziva seeing Little Sister for the first time.

Watching and Waiting

Holding moms hand.

Snuggled and Warm


Everything went well with the well as can be expected. We (Jason, Eden and me) spent three days in the hospital. Ziva spent that time with Pops and Gran Jan. That left us with some time to bond with Eden and spend some time in peace and quiet, before we headed home to the chaos of real life.

Middle of the Night Kisses

Grandparents and the Things They Do

I know that as a grandparent you have many privileges because you have "paid your dues." You get to "spoil" the grandchildren as much as possible. That doesn't mean your actions will not only astound the parent but also leave the parent speechless. Take for example, Pops (Jason's father) eating peanut butter out of the jar, with his finger (we won't even talk about that) and then letting Ziva do the same. Gross! We still love them and appreciate all that they have and will do for us, but we do have to ask..."Really Pops? Really?"


Ziva had her first Icee snack (from her father). Not the best serving option for a two year old but gotta roll with the punches right? She really enjoyed it and to my delight it didn't stain her shirt. The only thing that really bothers me about this is that Jason says that she looks just like me in these pictures. What does that mean!?!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


"Hold it, Daddy."

She did so good.


Over a year ago, my parents bought Ziva her own little four wheeler. She would have nothing to do with it until a few weeks ago. Now she'll hop on it (even when told no) and ride off. She loves it. These pictures are from her first outing on it.