Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another Playdate

Kahlen touching her toes.

Abi taking "pictures" with my camera.

Doggie Kisses

Holding Hands

Ziva gets kisses from Kahlen.

Blurry Box, Blurry Ziva

Blurry Box

Blurry Ziva

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I quote myself, "How bad can it really be?" Bad. Three huge, full to the brim, stinky, yucky dirty diapers later I can say to my mother this: You were right. But don't let that go to your head.
She didn't mind them as much as I minded changing those diapers!

Doesn't she look like Mugatu, Will Ferrell's character on Zoolander.

Not In My House

So I pride myself (mistake number one) that I will not be one of those parents who let their children watch or listen or read whatever. I cringe when I hear of parents letting their young girls listen to these young female music "artist." Have the parents even listened to the words. Even if these "musicians" aren't talking about loose morals or whatever they are still imparting to our children to crush on the opposite sex way to early or to waste time shopping etc. I guess it's only popular to sing about learning on Sesame Street and Yo Gabba Gabba. I digress. I am not even hip on Miley Cyrus. True she maybe a little more "innocent" than some others say Jamie Lynn Spears but my kid won't be jammin' out her. I tell you all this so that in my humility I confess that I have already failed myself. I watch the Today Show in the mornings. Not the whole thing just the news. Fridays is their concert series. I was doing the dishes and cleaning up after breakfast and I hear her, Miley Cyrus. Then I see Ziva watching intently Miley Cyrus. Lesson learned Lord. Always Attentive means Always! Pride always comes before a fall. One big mistake down, millions to go.

Piggy Tails Again!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

29 Weeks - July 24th, 2008

For 29 Weeks I wanted to catch a couple of moments that not everyone gets to see.

Ziva still asleep in the morning. Ziva sleeps in her own bed. Between 11-12 hours a night. Yee Haw! Yet, when Jason has to go into work early he wouldn't get to see her if he didn't get her out of bed and bring her to sleep with mommy. It's so cute. I love that Jason can't wait to see her till he gets home. So the above pic is her finishing up a good night sleep. OH...and she loves (and I said loves) pillows. She just wallows them. I know she wonders why she doesn't get one in her bed.

Funny girl playing with mom and dad in the bed. She has such a cute attitude. She did have it rough today due to the fact that her darn tooth still hasn't decided what it's going to do. Then daddy walked in and she lit up! You could tell he just made her day.

Mine. Mine. Mine. We did not realize that the grabbing anything and everything would happen so soon. I can't walk by anything without her trying to take whatever she can get her hands on. If it's expensive technology then forget it. It's hers or so she would like to think. Imagine you're playing on the floor and you hold her in the air and she smiles real big. You feel all warm in your heart then you realize she's looking and smiling past you and at the remote. Awwww...she really is like Jason!

The Darrows and Their "Dog"

Ziva and I went over to play with the Darrow Girls. We had a blast! Donna takes such good care of us. It was even more fun because they got a dog. A itty bitty dog. We spent all day trying to come up with names. Nothin' yet. Thank you Darrows for being great hostess!

Yes, we're friends with Georgia fans. Please forgive us.


Bed Head

What is this look?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


First off, Praise the Lord for all the miracles that have occurred over the past few days! A life has been literally pulled from the brink of eternal destruction. May it implore us all to look inside of ourselves and ask what addictions are we allowing to eat away at us?

Robbie is doing so much better. That really is an understatement. He was moved out of ICU. His liver enzyme count is down to around 180. The liver doc said that the count is dropping the way it should be and that given time (at least two weeks) Robbie should be doing good. They are not sure when he is going to get out of St. Eds but when he does he will still have to have blood work and stuff done for a while to monitor things. Also, his lungs are clearing up. All I have to say about that is Hallelujah!!!

Now starts what I would believe an even harder journey. The journey of recovery for Robbie’s heart, soul and mind. Please join us in continued prayer for this. It is not only enough to remove the “bad” but the void that is caused must be filled with “good” or the “bad” will come back worse. Please pray for Robbie to seek to fill that void with perfect “good.” Please pray for a heart change in Robbie. We are praying that he finds the “healing power of the Lord.” Did someone hear a revival? Seriously that is what he needs and I won’t apologize for that!

Thank you everyone for your blessings, well wishes and prayers. Be touched that you were part of a reaching out to our Lord for Robbie and you were heard. May your goodness and steadfastness be blessed. May we never have to pray for you or yours in this fashion. But if there’s the need don’t ever hesitate to let us know. We love you all. Thank you again!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My 30th Birthday was Today

1 My Salvation
2 My wonderful husband
3 My beautiful daughter
4 My artistic talent
5 That my brother is still alive
6 My family
7 My In-laws
8 My Friends
9 My Dishwasher (Our first duplex didn’t have one)
10 That I have a washer and a dryer (I see places where people still hang out their clothes)
11 I have my health
12 My 1991 Cutlass…cause it was free
13 That I get to stay home and raise my daughter
14 That I was born in the US even if I take it for granted everyday
15 For those men and women here and over seas that sacrifice so much for us to have the lives and lifestyles that we think we have to have
16 My ability to multitask
17 Books
18 The Bible
19 Music
20Computers…Could you imagine carving our thoughts into stone
21 That there is a woman out there somewhere that decided that it wasn’t a choice and cleaned herself up from drugs, got healthy, had me and then realized that she couldn’t give me the best life. So she gave me up.
22 I am thankful my parents couldn’t have their own kids.
23 That my husband works his butt off so that we can have the life we do.
24 For our FREE townhouse
25 Flip-flops
26 toilet paper…seriously, thank you Jesus for the person who decided to invent that
27 Color…it makes the world beautiful
28 That I can read. I believe that being able to read well and comprehend is the number one skill that can make or break a student’s school career.
29 My stories
30 My short, over weight body. With out it I wouldn’t appreciate the hard work that some people have to put into being in shape. I wouldn’t just say to someone “Why don’t you do weightwatchers” because I know it’s just not that easy. I understand and can encourage others through true pain on their way to a healthy life style. I understand what it’s like to have little to no metabolism. It makes me more understanding to those around me and more humble.

I Just Can't Help Myself!

Ziva received these bows and sunglasses from one of my mom's friends (thanks Liz). I had to try them out. I know that so many parents don't want their girls to look "girly." Well, I say if not now when? Plus I don't feel the need to over spend on "trendy" baby clothes when all she's going to do is drool on them. Lastly, I love them! She looks so cute!

Jump Up, Jump Up

Okay I know what some of you are thinking..."Weren't those recalled." Maybe. My mom got one for Ziva because it was my favorite when I was her age. So we tried it out. She loved it for about 2 minutes. Then she was done. I think that 2 minutes here and there are okay. Plus look at how happy she is.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Robbie Update

Sorry that this update is cut and paste from an email. I'm ready for bed and didn't want to type it again.

Praise the Lord/Good News:
Breathing on own
Wakes up and talks
Slurred speech
Urine is looking better (This means something good. I don't know what)
Kidney Doc signed off saying Kidneys look good

Medical conditions to pray for:
Liver - Liver Doc said that it is his opinion that Robbie's liver should regenerate itself but this is not a guarantee. This is the most crucial part right now. It could still shut down. Which is bad because he can not have a transplant b/c he is a drug addict.
Lungs - Are full of fluid which invites bacteria to grow which means that he can get pneumonia but he can't have antibiotics b/c they are processed by the liver which is not working too well.
Stomach - They took his feeding tube out but he had issues eating. It made him very ill. This could be that his stomach is still icky and isn't ready for food. If he continues to do this they will have to put it back in for a while.

Also pray for:
His attitude - I don't believe he has wrapped his mind around all that has happened. It is my opinion that he needs to know that gravity of this situation. We all really thought he was brain dead the first night.
He is also a smoker and wants to smoke. This is hard on him but I am praying that he uses this time to quit and he wants to.
He's heart (metaphorically speaking) We're not sure Robbie is saved and we are praying that we are allowed the time to share with him as well as his heart to be softened so that he can see the mess that is his life and how it affects more than just him.
My parents, especially my father - They have had a tough time. He is weakening emotionally and physically. It is actually near the first year anniversary of his second stroke. It was a small one but still. I pray for not only help for them but that they would be receptive to that help.
Lastly - That positive influences would even now begin to show up in Robbie's life and he would be open to them.

Thank you all for your prayers. I know that the Lord has heard them!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Please Pray

Please pray for my brother, Robbie. Yesterday he overdosed and is in grave condition (doctor's words). They weren't sure he would make it through the night. He did but he is still in grave condition. His blood pressure is up but his liver, kidney and brain functions are causes for concern. Especially, his liver which could be shutting down and there is nothing we can do about that. He is not eligible (I'm not going to sugar coat this) for a transplant because he is a drug addict. Which is understandable but leaves him with the only option of his liver functions miraculously improving. We are praying for this, please join us. Please pray for my family. Pray for Robbie. Pray for his heart to soften during this no matter how long the Lord decides to give him. I would love for Robbie to get past all this and for Ziva to get to meet the wonderful boy we all knew.

We will keep you updated. Thank you in advance for all your prayers.

Robbie this spring at Ziva's dedication.

My favorite picture of "Little Robbie" (my pet name for him).

Friday, July 18, 2008

You Tell Me

We're trying to figure out who's expression this is. Jason's or mine.

28 Weeks - July 17th, 2008

28 Weeks brought some fun for us. Shots, eating out in a high chair, more shots, and the most fun is that Ziva can now recognize people she rarely, such as the nurse who gives her shots.

She has never clung like that. She hid her head in my neck. It was so sad but then so sweet to feel how much such needs me. It reminded me too of how we are with our heavenly Father. We cling and hide from bad things that may be coming and He holds us tight. Still sometimes we have to have these things happen, but we must remember He's still holding on to us. He is there to catch our tears.
How awesome a responsibility I have right now. I am one of the people in my daughter's life that will model the Lord's true and perfect love. The best way is not with words but with my actions. May the Lord always work in me a heart that is pure and centered on Him. So that I may pass on His love to Ziva and all those around me.

Fun in a High Chair...Stress for Mommy and Daddy

Waiting in the room...before the doctor arrives.

The look the nurse got when she walked into the room.

Showing off her outfit Gran Jan bought her.

Making Up for Lost Time

We've been running around playing catch up since my mother came into town. It seems I try to fit in two months of activities (doctor, spring cleaning, organization, etc) into two weeks. Of course there are things that fall to the wayside such as the blog. So this is my attempt to make up a week in one post.

27 Weeks - July 10, 2008

The "breakdown" that people at church say never happen. I guess we are lucky these fits happen at home.

Ziva playing with her nesting blocks.

Seriously, she's playing here.

Starting to support herself on her own.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The First Play Date

Ziva had her first play date yesterday. We went over to the Darrow's. Donna was watching her niece, Kahlen, who is 4 months. Both Ziva and I had a great time. It was awesome to watch the kids interact. It was also awesome to have someone fix me lunch!

Abi and Kahlen.

Ziva playing with Kahlen's hand.

Ziva playing with Kahlen's hand again.

Ziva and Elise.

Eye to Eye.

Abi and the quilt I made her. Her favorite color is orange and all the other colors match her room.

Speaking of eyes...Ziva has a thing for grabbing eyes. Not so good for babies. For all you concerned out there we did stop her...every time she went for Kahlen's eye. We eventually had to move her face out of Ziva's reach.

Ziva hangin' with the big kids.