Thursday, January 22, 2009

Under the Weather

Let me say first that Ziva wasn't and isn't "sick sick." We have had several friends whose children have been seriously ill. It has been a tough time on the children and rough and taxing on the parents. Our prayers go out to you, Cates and Floyds, as well as anyone else who we were unaware of. This month has been stressful for everyone in one way or another. May we all continue to seek endurance and mercy from the Lord.As for us much of our stress has been a result of selling our house, Jason's new job and finding a new rent house. These are all good things but all have taken a lot of our attention and time. We praise the Lord for these stresses.

Back to Z being "sick." Though we kicked off the new year a little ill, now we all seem to be healthy. Last week Z started cutting at least 3 teeth if not more and at least one of them is huge and in the back. What is unusual is that the back molars usually don't come in this early. Either way she has had a hard time struggling with these.

She also had her 1yr shots. We were told that the older the child gets the harder the shots are on them. I really didn't think to much of this until this last round of shots. Ziva had a rough time. She even ran a low grade fever for a while. I think this is from the chicken pox vaccine (which I don't totally support). So between these shots and the teething Z has been a little fussy, lethargic and way clingy. She has bounced back now and is doing great.

Below is a picture of her zoning out in her chair and watching Wizard of Oz. She didn't want to do anything but be held and we did that a lot. Still we had to take care of other things. This is where bringing the chair out of her room came in handy. She actually sat in it for a while. It was cute but sad to see our little busy body baby so slow.

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