Thursday, January 22, 2009

Christmas Cookies

I have this new obsession that I have no time for...cutout cookies and the decorating of them. My first run was over Thanksgiving. I had leaves (turning colors), trees (turing colors), pumpkins and squirrels (not sure what is so fallish about a squirrel). I loved it but I needed more of a challenge and let's just forget the side obsession with finding the best tasting cookie recipe.

My second try turned out better than the first but I am still not satisfied with my "work." I did want to show off what the Christmas ones. Mainly so later I can compare and contrast my work. I guess that is what you get from someone who has a BSA. What is sad is that I complain that I don't have time for my art work but these took hours upon hours. You can't eat paintings though.

I should have taken the time to put ornaments on the Christmas Trees.

I did want these cutout boys to have the light lime green and red contrast look on their outfits. Instead, these poor guys look like they went to my high school. Once again I was too lazy to lighten the blue icing and didn't even take the time to make the lime green icing.

I wanted the blue on these to be much lighter but I was just too lazy to remix it. You can only go through so many 2lb bags of powdered sugar in a day without feeling bad about yourself.

These snowmen would be my favorite if I had any. They had the most detail but of course the picture is blurry.
These are not sloppy but "free form"...that's artist speak for sloppy.


Kim said...

I am super impressed. I have no artistic talent and admire anyone who does. I am suddenly hungry for sugar cookies. So did you find the perfect recipe? If so, please share.

Tales from Goshen said...

I love them. Yours look the way I always WANT mine to look. I usually make tons of icing in all kinds of crazy colors, but never get the application as precise as you did. Love them.