Thursday, January 22, 2009

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Having my daughter mock my behavior has come as a slap in the face. Not that any of the behavior she is mocking is bad, its just that I was not ready for that. I have already started the self audit that I suppose most mature adults take of themselves when their kids start mimicking them. I wonder though is it for her good or mine?

Ziva has started talking on her cell phone. It's cute, especially when she chooses a non cell phone to talk on. In the picture below she is not only on her toy cell phone but her water bottle cell phone as well. In the next picture Ziva picked up my Diet DP bottle up that I had sit next to her car seat. What surprises me about this is that she knew to "drink" from it. She doesn't just "drink" from anything so she had to have been watching me. OH...I'm not ready for this.

On a side child was not actually drinking the Diet DP. The lid was on.

Ziva on her phone.

Just what the Dr. ordered.

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Tales from Goshen said...

Yeah, when I heard Brooklyn say "Oh my gosh" the first time, I freaked. It sounded as ghastly as if she'd dropped an F bomb. I quickly curbed my vocab to say "Oh my goodness" and have forced all my siblings and parents to do the same. And now, she also knows that Oh my God should also be "...goodness" and that it's disrespectful to Jesus. She will even correct perfect strangers if she hears them say Gosh. I love it. But yeah, seeing a mirror of yourself sometimes prompts some alterations.