Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas in Dallas

We ended up in Dallas for our first Christmas stop. We stayed with Jason's grandparents. We got to stay in the room with twin beds...sweet. This was the first time the Abbott family (Jason's mom's, Jan, family) got to meet Ziva. She loved them and they loved her. It was a great time, too short, but really fun!

Ziva with Mimi and Granddad Abbott

Ziva opening her first present.

More than anything Ziva loved paying with the paper and ribbons. In this picture she is in the wrapping paper trash bag. Her Pops (Marty) put her in it. It's where she wanted to be anyway. Some people keep kids from plastic bags, while others stick the kids in the bags to play...hmmm.

Ribbons and Bows!!!!!

Cousin Julia gets some bow time as well.

Now you are going to see three different tutus through out the vacation photos. We really don't have a thing for tutus. It just happened. The above tutu is from Aunt Vicki. Isn't it tutu cute.

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