Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Brown Time

We got to stay over a week with the Brown's in OKC. Amy and Julia got to stay too. All those people and babies in one house for that long can be overwhelming at times, but oh my goodness it was so awesome!!! It was the first time since April that Ziva got to spend that much time with Jan and Marty. Now they can say that they have spent at least a total of two weeks with her. It was good because we got a chance to hang out in formal and relaxed situations getting to know each other better. After all of it was can still say we love those Browns...and the Carlsons!

The first night the kids watched Wizard of Oz together. They were so into it that we "adults" got a little down time.

Baby it's Cold Out There!
The first couple of days in TX and OKC it was warm. I was fussing that I had wasted time and money buying warm clothing (that we don't normally wear here in the Deep South) for the occasion. Well a couple of days later the Lord taught me to be careful what I "wish" for. I now remember why I hate the cold...Jason remembers why he misses it.

Lil' Man Jaxon. Look at those eye lashes!

Here's Lookin' at You Kid.

A chip clip hair clip.

Aunt Katy and Cousin Julia Kate

Ziva's First Towel Turban

Jason and the Brown Girls

Jaxon helping wash Ziva's hair.

Tutu number two. This is Ziva's New Year outfit. I did NOT go out looking for a New Year outfit. I bought the outfit and then had to figure out some way to justify it. Hence calling it a New Year outfit. Jason wouldn't have "bought" it any other way.

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