Monday, November 16, 2009

Starting the Journey to being a Big Girl

A few months ago we started in very, very small steps introducing the "potty process" to Ziva. Giving her a chance to start wrapping her mind around the concept. Little by little she got use to it. I believe it is almost time to start the real training. Last week I showed her her big girl panties. She loved them and wanted to immediately put them on...over her pants...backwards. It was cute. So maybe in a week or two we will have a potty trained toddler...Lord willing. Don't hesitate to say a prayer for us if you remember it.

Note: May I suggest the book Stress-Free Potty Training by Sara Au and Peter L. Stavinoha. Though probably not the end all of potty books (is there really one?), it seemed to take a realistic approach. Not only do they NOT promise to have your child trained in one day or even three, they do NOT have a "one way works for all" approach. They give many suggestions for many different temperaments of children. Which is awesome. They also suggest introducing the entire processes slowly, in comparison to waking up one day and totally surprising your child. The book is worth the money and the time of reading it. It also helps parents remember that not all children are alike and they don't learn the same. Knowing this can remove some frustration from both your and your child's lives. Good Luck.

Z in her big girl panties.

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