Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Atlanta Trip - Part I

This past weekend Ziva and I got to accompany Jason to Atlanta. He had a rather large medical something or another convention there. We got to stay four days and three nights in Buckhead. Which is one of the more expensive parts of Atlanta, so I am told, so we totally stuck out like sour thumbs. Though we didn't get to see Jason during the day, we did get to explore parts of Atlanta. It was a very nice time.
One thing we did there was visit the Children's Museum in downtown. I have a lot to say about this place, but I don't want to drone on and on about some not so good things. Ziva had fun and that is really all that matters. If you want more on the total experience please ask because I have a lot to say. Still here are some oh so cute pictures of Z and her time there.
Dinner is Served



On Stage

My Little Artist


Moon Sand. I had never handled this stuff before. It is addictive.

Good Cow


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