Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Arkansas Trip/Fall 2009 - A Night with the Browns

Ziva and I also got to spend a night in Lowell with the Browns. Almost everyone got to drive in visit. It was a very nice time. Too short but very nice.

Ziva and Gran Jan

Z and Grandpa Brown

Ziva wanted to be outside all day...

...no matter how cold she got.
Can't really tell but she was shivering.

Reading to Julia

The Kids watching TV

Ziva running from Julia as Julia chases after the Cheerios in the snack trap that she thinks is hers.

Aunt Katy's conversation was as lively as ever.

Pops teaching Z how to jump big.

Jaxon's turn.

Okay so this picture was not planned. Jaxon was trying to hug Ziva and this is how it turned out. I thought it looked like those pictures in the 80s that we took with our siblings. So I had to "doctor" it up for humor sake.

Julia picking and packing to go.

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