Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Special Day

Today, 31 years ago, a recovering hippy and a Gman, drive somewhere in Northern Arkansas to pick up their new baby. It was a beautiful autumn day, hence my name, Autumn. Which is nice because they were going to call be Winder Dawn...hmmm. My father gave me the middle name Nicole and my first last name Ivy. What a wonderful page in God's plan. Thank you mom and dad for being open this day to the Lord's leading. Happy Special Day to you two too!

This is the picture my parents were sent when they were notified about me.
I was 2.5 months old and huge. My foster mother feed me cereal already with a infa-feeder. Remember those? I was put on a diet as soon as my new pediatrician meet me.

Here is me in the car with my mom.

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