Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Arkansas Trip/Fall 2009 - Fella Kids

A trip to Arkansas wouldn't be complete without visiting the Fella Families. It was sad that Jason couldn't be there to hangout with his friends. It was awesome for me to see the wives and for the kids to visit with each other. The night was full of yummy food, laughter, surprises (or wanna be surprises) and lots of fun.

Kate Walker, Mia Walker, Z, and Ashlen Cate
Feeding them was the only way we could get them to stay in one place long enough to take a picture.

In my mind, this picture is symbolic. Of what? I have no clue, still I feel it is.

The best picture of the night.

Chad, Jay and Greg missing the others.

Lastly, congrats to Jay and Sarah on y'all's engagement!

We welcome a new Fella woman to make the group complete. We are praying for a wonderful marriage and a happy life together for you.

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