Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Balance a Daddy Brings

I overwork my mind sometimes trying to make sure I am raising and training Ziva in such a way that is balanced. Lots of fun but lots of learning. Balance in her diet. Balance in her sleep patterns, etc, etc, etc. What I love is that it just isn't about me. The perfection that only the Lord can provide is wonderful. Jason bought Ziva these glow in the dark sticks and took her out in the dark the other night. They both had a blast. It was something new for her and she ate it up. I can't explain how much fun she was having and at the same time I knew her mind was expanding. Best of all, she was loving hanging out and playing with her daddy. It was awesome. He just does these wonderful things with her I would never think of but are so great for her. It's no wonder when he is at work she asks where he is and wants him home. They both fill up my heart. Thank you Lord!!!!

Now these pictures are blurry. I wanted the full effect of the dark. These were taken when they came inside and turned out all the lights.

Ziva is leaning back against Ziva to the right of the picture.

This is just Ziva.

Just Z again.

Z is on the left and Jason on the right, but if you look you can see where Z leaned down for a moment.

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