Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

Forgoing the usual cutesy, girly costumes. I took one of my only chances to dress my child up as whatever I wanted to dress her up as...A CHICKEN! I loved the idea. No one else seemed to. Huh, whatever. 27 feet of white feather boas later my Ziva is too cute to peep!

Right after wrestling her into her costume. Seriously, we had to. That and bribe her with candy.

After she got the hang of it, Ziva seemed to really enjoy herself. At this door she got mad because no one answered. She almost wouldn't leave.

They were too cute together! They had so much fun. I loved getting to hang back and watch them!

This little boy wanted to take Ziva home with him. As soon as Ziva "answered" the door, he was spell bound. He actually turned around to his mother and told her that Z was so pretty. We didn't think he was going to leave. The funny part was that Z didn't know what to do with him.

Z's newest reaction to having her picture taken.

"So you dress me like this then expect me to share. No way!"

Sorting out her candy.

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