Saturday, July 25, 2009

How to Eat Spaghetti by Ziva Grace Brown

"Welcome to my Step-by-Step Instructional Series Volume One: Eating Spaghetti."

"First, pick up the fork."

"Second, put fork in bowl and stab food. Then lift out of bowl and bring fork to face."

"Open mouth wide to accommodate large glob of food heading toward your now open mouth."

"Mmmm. Here is the part where you chew the spaghetti. Mmmm."

"You may help it a little with your hand. Only a little though."

"On second thought it is much easier if you use your hand to shovel in the pasta."

"Now is the time I kick back and enjoy the meal that I have had."

"I am done with my instructing. You may go."

"You really must leave at once. I need my privacy! Seriously leave and someone get me down from here!"

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ziva, I miss your sillyness.