Thursday, July 2, 2009

Father's Day

How's this for late? This isn't really a Happy Father's Day post, though Jason totally deserves it! Honestly, I could type or talk forever about how awesome Jason is and never even get close to completely expressing how I feel. We did celebrate Father's Day. It was a sweet, special day. My favorite highlights are below. Ziva working on J's card and then her waking him up. She loves to wake him up. Also, below you will see an image of one of J's gifts. His main gift was a grouping of pictures I framed for him. I need to get them hung and then take pictures to show them off. It is so hard to get motivated to get stuff on the walls when you are renting. Anyway, here are just a couple of moments of Father's day at the Brown house.

Z working on the card. I drew the heart but she also worked on it and in the same color too!
*Note: By now you all have surely noticed the "boyish" PJs she wears. I like them because they are short sleeve, light weight and they say "space monkey" on them.


BaconSalt. That's right. You're reading it right. BaconSalt. I read about it on the Internet and had to get some for Jason. The stuff is actually amazing and it's low sodium! Now he can have bacony flavored eggs without having to cook them in all that bacon grease. Yea!

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