Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where's Ziva?

We were in need of some blackout shades for Ziva's room. Just under a month ago Z started sleeping without her pacifier. Not as hard as we thought it would be, but with hard issues we didn't think of. One was that she wouldn't sleep as deeply (at first) as she usually did. The two naps and 7:45pm bed time worked fine with just the blinds turned when she had that darn pacifier. Take it away and you would have thought the sun rotating in her room. This led me to search for a economic, tasteful and easy way to block light. Since we are in a rental we did not want to take down the blinds, etc, etc. So we settled on pink blackout curtains. They are working good. Ziva is sleeping deep and peacefully again. Yes they are pink but they work in her room. Especially since we can't paint the walls, it helps to bring in all the color you can in other ways. Most importantly, Z loves them! She loves letting the "sunshi" in every morning.

Where's Ziva?

There she is.

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Kim said...

Two naps!!!! I am so jealous. Ashlen has been taking one nap since about December.