Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tower Nap

It's emotional struggle for me while Ziva is napping to pick up everything that she has gotten out. Part of me struggles with the whole it's only going to end up back out in a few hours anyway thing. Then there is the part of me that has better things to do than pick up 35 bangle bracelets all over the house again and again. I can only spend so much of my time doing that. Lastly, some of the stuff goes in her room. Which I'm not going any where near there while she is sleeping. Such a struggle right?

Well, taking a page from my mother's parenting book, I "stage" some of the bigger toys or the ones that go in her room. Then put up the others. This day involved stacking her blocks for her when she woke up. She loved it! And so did we!

"Look! Wow!"
"There it goes."


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