Thursday, May 28, 2009

What a Big Girl You Are

So let's talk about Ziva and how insistent she is on being a big girl. Side note: I prayed for an independent child. Have we talked about this? I may not be ready for the fact that I got one. Anyway, Z will go with the flow till one day she decides that she is too big for "baby" stuff. She did this with her food, baby fork, etc. The other day she walked up to the table, pulled the chair out and patted it. She wanted to sit at the table on a regular chair. That day I let her eat like a big girl. I guess it's time to get her a booster seat and put up the high chair. But the high chair is so easy!!!

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Kim said...

Our girls are becoming quite opposites (except for their stubborn streaks). Ashlen loves to be babied-she wants us to hold her cup, feed her and hold her bottle (her dr would freak if he knew she still drank from a bottle).

Did you get Ziva's swing/slide set yet?