Sunday, May 31, 2009


Gran Jan and Pops wanted to visit Down Town Savannah while they were here. I got to take them to my favorite shops (more for Jan) and favorite park (more for Ziva). We had a very nice time. We had an awesome lunch and even better fellowship.
This is how I would sum up Savannah.
Beautiful Foliage. Annoying Expenses.

We are beginning to think this will be her signature pose. She is still fussing with those teeth.

Grrrrrr! Z loved growling with the bear. She wouldn't actually make the sound but had the face down perfectly.

I love this picture. Yes there is drool rolling down her chin. I could photoshop it out but this is the true memory. I would like her to stop drooling some day or I am going to have to bedazzle a bib for her prom dress.

Z's first IPhone. Most likely her last. Of all the things to do in a park Z chooses to play with a phone.

See Ya.

Just me messing with my camera trying to capture something neat...

... and pretty.

***I know that I leave out a lot in regards to written details and photos. In regards to written, I'm a big "you had to be there" person and it takes me forever to tell a story. With the photos I try not to over load and I am not big on posting pictures of adults. They always fuss about how they look in the photos. So you get a lot of pictures of Ziva which really do you want to look at anything or anyone else.

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