Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Vanity

I have several pieces of my maternal grandmother's furniture. I would have her entire bedroom suite but my mother sold the comment. One of the pieces that is different but very fun is my grandmother's Vanity. Now she never used it to put on make up, not that I remember. When I was a child she kept sewing material in a box in the middle. I would dig through it for scraps for the Barbie clothing I would make. My mother remembers sitting in the space while my grandma got ready. No matter what the memory is, I love that Ziva gets to play on it. The furniture needs work and one day I would love to have the bed remade to match. It is neat for me to have it in my "collection." It is a different color wood than I would buy myself, but it means so much. My grandparents went through so much, lost everything during the depression and worked hard for all that they owned. So I know these pieces were earned and cherished. I am thankful I get to own them. On top of that Ziva loves it so much. She could spend all day hanging out on it. So here are a couple of pictures of Z playing on the vanity.

Z loves brushing her hair.

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Kim said...

I love these pics.