Sunday, May 31, 2009

Charleston - Part II, The Fountain

While in Charleston we visited the Fountain at Waterfront Park. Though I had fun taking photos of the fountain, as an adult it was a little too much for me. It was one of those that people can run and play in. It was full of children. Goodness those brave parents! We didn't want Ziva to get soaked but we did want her to enjoy the fountain and the water. She didn't. Well, she looked and wanted to be close but then wanted nothing to do with the actual water or fountain. So for your enjoyment (or not) I have pictures of the fountain so I could play with my camera and a couple of others...see photo notes.

Fountain at Waterfront Park

As close as she would get.
The dance between walking up to the fountain and running back.

Heading back with Pops. Why the big smile Marty?

Oh, cause you let Z fall into a huge puddle. Good thing we had a change of clothes.

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