Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Fall

I'm not about to discuss apologetics here. I could but I won't. This post in memory to Ziva's once scarless upper lip. Last Tuesday night (Jan and Marty's last night here) Z hurt herself. Jan and I had just purchased a toddler size wagon for Z to play with. Basically so she would stop demanding that the big one be inside so she can slam it into my furniture. Anyway, so we're home maybe 10 minutes and the wagon is out of it's packaging maybe 5 minutes. We are all in the front room then all turn to leave to other rooms except for Jan who sits down to talk on the phone. Then...



Ziva had emptied the wagon of it's contents, climbed in it and then fell out of it. Hitting her face on the underpart of the handle that was not molded or rounded. It was the part with all the hard edges.

Blood everywhere. Screaming. Quite a bit of snot. I took one look at it and said lets go. I know this is sad but I wanted the smallest scar possible. So we go to the ER. Two hours later we are home. ER Dr said that he believed it was most likey superficial. More of a gash than a cut. So no stitches. He then consulted with the Plastic Surgeon on call who said we could come in the next day. We did. The Plastic Surgeon concurred with the ER Dr but said we should come in three weeks to be sure.

So that's it in a nut shell. Buy Wagon. Kid falls out of Wagon. Take kid to ER. Take Evil Wagon back to Wal-Mart.

The real sad thing is if we had had a son and not a daughter I think I would have waited it out.

This was Tuesday night right after we got home from the ER.
It was her upper lip that we were most concerned with. The other marks and red places didn't start coming up later.


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Kim said...

Poor Ziva. I don't blame you for taking her in because I would have too.