Monday, October 20, 2008

A Party

So a Babies R Us was added to the Savannah Toys R Us. Of course we had to go check it out. What we didn't expect was the huge party they were throwing. It was cute to see all the children having fun. Ziva even enjoyed all those huge characters. Jason enjoyed getting out of there as quick as possible. What a good Daddy for letting us shop in crowds like that.

Please Note: The pictures are a little blurring because my camera kept on focusing on the giant High School Musical Posters in the back ground. Stupid Disney!

I like that in this picture it looks as though Jason is enjoying himself.

Ziva got her first balloon. She loved it. Of course this picture looks like she is hypnotised by it. Her favorite part was the weight at the bottom. She spent the whole time at the story pulling up the balloon string to get to the weight only to have Jason take it from her and put it back in the bottom of the cart. They repeated this several times.

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