Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Arkansas Trip-The Mini Brown Reunion (Part 2)

Here are more pictures of our night with the Browns. The first picture may cause a few of you to wonder. I will explain. Katy and Jan rushed Jaxon and Ziva off to the bath. They were so excited. Maybe even more excited than the kids. Of course they checked her diaper first before taking it off. It was clean. Problem was lil' Miss Ziva Grace did not inform them that she was planning on pooping any second. Which she started to do as soon as her diaper was off and thrown away. Thinking quickly Jan and Katy held her over the toilet. This is when I walked in with camera in hand. It was so funny. I just feel sorry for Ziva because this story will be retold and retold a million times her entire life. PS...I have better and cuter pictures of this but they were a little more revealing.
Though Jaxon is so sweet and too cute. He often made this sound that Ziva wasn't too fond of. It is similar to a screeching monkey doll that Ziva has. She is very afraid of this toy. Needless to say when Jaxon playfully and innocently made this sound, Ziva was ready to vacate the area. This made for a short bath time for Ziva.

Check out Ziva's face just after the "monkey" sound.

The next morning Ziva and Jaxon were some of the first to get up. They passed the time quietly and sweetly playing together. What is really cute is Jaxon reenacted a game Marty was playing with Ziva the night before. It is so amazing how children of all ages are watching and learning from all that we do.

Marty feeding Ziva breakfast. She was an angel for him...of course.

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