Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Arkansas Trip-The Mini Brown Reunion (Part 3)

Halloween Pictures. So all the kids had coordinating Halloween tshirts. We, the adults, were so excited for how wonderful and darling these pictures were going to be. We were in for a surprise. I don't have a clear explanation of how it came to this. I can say that the trash bag was there as an attempt to hide Jan. Looking back maybe not the best idea. All in all we got some good candit pictures but not the earth shaking group picture.

This picture was taken after Jaxon and his famous monkey screech. Why post it if it's a bad picture? Because I love how Julia is holding on to Ziva.

We try to take the pictures inside. This picture is just before...

...The monkey screech. But look, Jaxon is trying to make it better.


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kateb923 said...

Look at those creepy hands coming out of the trash bag in the first group photo!!