Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Time at the Park - Part I/Pictures with Flowers

Two weekends ago we spent a Sunday afternoon at Forsyth Park. It really is such a beautiful park. Makes the perfect back drop for pictures. Too bad I have a child who could care less about having her picture taken. As always she only wanted to play with dead leaves and mulch. In these pictures we got her to fake it a bit, but you can totally tell she wasn't into it. Serves us right.

On a good note, she loved the park. She loved being "OUTSIDE." (I don't think she can say that word without excitement.) She was all over the place. It was almost like she was a different child. I think she just needed to run off the winter.

This is how she shows the camera a flower.

The only way we could get her to pay any attention to the daffodils was to trap her in the middle of them.

Looks like she is looking at the pretty flowers but what she is really doing is playing the the dead ones. Why?!?

She could have cared less about this flower.

What a goofy little smile.

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