Friday, April 9, 2010


Easter is all about Jesus and his sacrifice for our salvation.
Easter time also means that there are baby chicks to look at and hold at the mall. So we, along with our friend Dee, braved the spring break crowds to let our kids see a baby chick or two. It isn't a big "showie" outing but it is so cute to see their faces when they get close to the chicks. The kids were so well behaved and had lots of fun.
Ziva wanted to hold a chick so bad but we knew we couldn't let her. So this is what Jason came up with it and it was enough to satisfy her.
Jeremiah was a little rough so he had limited access. He still enjoyed it.

Joshua pets the chick.
Check out Ziva. She is helping Daddy show the boys. That's her hand guiding Jason.

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