Friday, April 9, 2010

The Easter Bunny

We didn't play up the Easter Bunny at all. I am not even sure that we mentioned it. Ziva did get a basket though. This basket led to a difference in opinion on how a Easter Basket should be presented. Jason wanted it by her bed when she woke up. This is how it was for him.
My Easter Basket was always outside on the back or front porch because that is where the Easter Bunny left it. Which makes more sense. How would the bunny make it inside? He's not Santa. So if you are going to insist that the basket is from the bunny then it needs to be outside. If it's just from mom and dad then it really doesn't matter. For the record I don't care which we do. It should just make sense. But apparently I made a big deal about it and that is why it is outside.
I say all that so I can tell you that Ziva loved her basket.
There's something outside.

What's that?


Uh Oh!


Our Easter Bunny. Ziva was so proud she could put the ears on all by herself.

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