Thursday, April 29, 2010


Nanny and Poppy visit to help out followed Gran Jan and Pops. While Poppy was here he gave Ziva a new hat. A "fishin'" hat. From that moment Ziva had to go fishing even if she didn't know what it was. We tried to find a "real" place to take her fishing but the best we could do was the wanna-be lake (big pond) in our subdivision. Poppy and Ziva fished off the boat ramp and they actually caught three perch. I can't believe there were fish to catch. Even though Ziva wasn't a fan of holding the fish, she had a great time.
Teaching Ziva to Cast

Another Big Catch

This is the fishing pole Poppy bought Ziva. I was thinking that he would get her a Snoopy or smurf one. Nope. She got a full size pole. It was pink.

Making her fish face.

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