Thursday, January 7, 2010

Twas the Moment Before Christmas...

This Christmas was one of the many to come where giving and "setting up" the gifts, that were for others, was more fun for us than opening our own gifts. Not that we believe that Christmas is all about the gifts, but it is fun to stand back and watch. This year we started our own family tradition of reading the story of Christ's birth before we opened gifts. We did this in Ziva's room since we knew once she made it into the front room with the unwrapped gifts there would be no waiting. Below is the scene set by Jason. He put together the kitchen, which came in many, many, many more piece than we thought and really than were necessary. The doll cradle and highchair were refinished by Jason. They were at my grandmother's house until she past away this past year. Since they had been for the grand kids to play with and I have the only little girl right now they were given to me. Jason sanded them and repainted them. He did a really good job. He did a really good job on all the gifts, as well as on leading our little family's Christmas.

Maybe one of the only times Jason will be up before the kids on Christmas.

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