Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Spoils

First off, our child got way too much for Christmas. I guess that is how it goes. I don't post these pictures to show off what she got but to show how she had to investigate everything. It was so cute and so fun. And very calm. Ziva actually had to throw away the gift wrapping as she carefully tore it from the present. Drove Jason crazy. Made my job easier.

"Hmmm...what is this?"

"Mmmm, plastic cheese pancakes."

Stocking time.
Note: In my family stockings were done last. In Jason's family they are opened first. Guess whose family tradition won out?


Reading one of her new books with daddy.

Z actually stopped and "read" these once she opened them. We had to take them away so she would open other gifts.

Okay, so matching tshirts aren't the coolest but I had to get them these. Several months ago Jason taught Ziva about "forts" and she has loved them ever since. It is one of their favorite games together. So this tshirt so very perfect.

"The Perfect Chair Fort" by Jess Fink from
Threadless is an awesome tshirt website.

Twins would be no issue for Z.

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